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1511162Scientific and research activityopen
1521160Chair of «Geography, ecology and tourism»open
1531156Information about the psychological testopen
1541152Scientific Libraryopen
1551146Chair of kazakh language and literature named after academician S.S. Kirabаevopen
1561111Direction of the activityopen
1571109Normative documentsopen
1581101Chair of «Biology»open
1591099Educational programs of specialtiesopen
1601099Educational programs of specialtiesopen
1631092Educational processopen
1641092Information about the procedure physical training standardsopen
1651088Chair of Pedagogy and Methods of primary educationopen
1671081Educational programs of specialtiesopen
1681072Basic Documentsopen
1691071Staff of the chairopen
1701071Chair of Foreign Languagesopen
1711060Prospective studentsopen
1731044Structure of SMCopen
1741040Educational programs of specialtiesopen
1751039Chair of psychology and pedagogyopen
1761036Educational programs of specialtiesopen
1771032Аcademic Mobilityopen
1781026Chair of Oriental Philology and Translationopen
1801015Chair of music education and choreographyopen
1811003Chair of Mathematics and Mathematical Modellingopen
182999Department of Scienceopen
183986Student dormitoriesopen
184985Chair of Common and Applied Psychologyopen
185985Teaching staffopen
186984Teaching staff of the chairopen
187979Chair of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics Teaching Methodsopen
188978Teaching staffopen
189973Teaching staff of chairopen
190970Requirements to registration of of articles, published in the journalopen
191969The organization and the passage of the summer termopen
193964Chair of Designopen
194961Public activitiesopen
195959Eurasian economic integrationopen
196958Staff of the chairopen
197951Student Lifeopen
198945Supervisory Board open
199942Teaching staffopen
200936Teaching staffopen

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