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1511476Chair of kazakh language and literature named after academician S.S. Kirabаevopen
1531454Educational programs of specialtiesopen
1541436Normative documentsopen
1551423Additional education at the scientific innovation parkopen
1561423Chair of «Biology»open
1571416PhD degreeopen
1581401Chair of Pedagogy and Methods of primary educationopen
1591387Chair of psychology and pedagogyopen
1601373Chair of Foreign Languagesopen
1611369Direction of the activityopen
1621355The trade union committee of studentsopen
1631353Chair of Oriental Philology and Translationopen
1651340Chair of music education and choreographyopen
1661339Chair of Mathematics and Mathematical Modellingopen
1671334Staff of the chairopen
1681329Chair of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics Teaching Methodsopen
1691326Scientific and research activityopen
1701323Chair of Common and Applied Psychologyopen
1711309Department of Scienceopen
1721306Teaching staffopen
1731304Sports clubopen
1741297Chair of Designopen
1761270Committee for Youth Affairsopen
1781263Chair of physicsopen
1791263Teaching staff of the chairopen
1801262Teaching staffopen
1811259Structure of SMCopen
1831248Chair of Arts Educationopen
1841248Educational programs of specialtiesopen
1851243Educational programs of specialtiesopen
1861242Eurasian economic integrationopen
1871241Teaching staffopen
1881239Office administration in universityopen
1891235Scientific and research activityopen
1901233Staff of the chairopen
1921222Teaching staffopen
1931220Chair of jurisprudenceopen
1941218Educational programs of specialtiesopen
1951218Chair of Informatics and Informatization of educationopen
1961217Reports and records of the rectoropen
1971216Teaching staff of chairopen
1981215Scientific center "Resource consultative center for inclusive education for higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and personality psychologyopen
1991210Teaching staffopen

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