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 Abdigaziuly Baltabai
Director of the Institute
Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor
Dostyk ave.13
 +7(727) 291-16-06

 Sametova Zhanagul
Deputy Director for Academic Affairs
Master,Senior Lecturer
Dostyk ave., 13
 +7(727) 291-87-80, 8-705-116-93-97

 Naimanbayev Almas Abdymanapovich
Deputy Director for Scientific Affairs
Master, Senior Lecturer
Dostyk ave., 13
 +7(727)291-40-85, 8-707-822-94-02

  Kasenov Erlan Slambekuly
Deputy director for educational work
Candidate of philological sciences, Senior Lecturer
Dostyk ave., 13
 +7(727) 291-18-35, 8-701-552-77-86


The Faculty of Philology was founded in 1928, the University had the only faculty consisting of physico-mathematical, linguistic and pedagogical departments, on the basis of the division of linguistics in the 30s. In the years mentioned above, for the first time such outstanding scientists-figures of the nation were taught here: A. Baytursynov, later K. Zhubanov, S. Seifullin, S. Amanzholov, M. Auezov.

In the first years, 49 students were admitted to the Literature and Language Department, and today more than 1300 students study here.

At present the faculty is called the Institute of Philology and Multilingual Education. Today at the Institute of Philology in order to implement a multilevel comprehensive program on trilingualism, Bachelor-Master-PhD degrees are taught and awarded to highly qualified and competitive specialists of foreign languages.

The Institute of Philology includes 4 departments. Their scientific and pedagogical potential is very high. About 150 high qualified academic teachers deliver lectures. Among the leading teachers of the faculty are: 1 academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 4 academicians of the International Academy of Pedagogical Education, 33 doctors of science, professors, 53 candidates of science, associate professors, 12 doctors PhD.

In recent years, more than 10 professors have received the title of «The best teacher of high school» and became the owners of the state grant.

Each year, the composition of the chairs is replenished with new academic teachers. Most young teachers are graduates of our institute.

The Institute trains qualified personnel of the Kazakh language and literature, Russian language and literature. Graduates with a bachelor`s degree work successfully in general schools and other cultural institutions of the republic.

Today at the Institute of Philology carried out a multi-level comprehensive program to study the state language. A scientifically-methodical system of teaching the Kazakh language on the basis of multi-level modular technologies on a six-level multimedia complex conforming to such international and European standards as TOEFL, IELTS has been formed.

The institute classes on specialty disciplines are held in specially equipped language laboratories and computer classes that use new technological methods and training techniques. Classes are held in lecture halls, equipped with modern advanced technology and interactive boards.

In order to develop the scientific and creative abilities of students, in the institute work scientific circles, such as the literary union named after S.Seifullin, clubs such as «Taglym», «Tyl», «Modern English in the 21st Century», «Kitaist», and also English language club (English Club «iCan»), art club «Animus». Annually in the editions and collections of the University there are published works of art, reports at various conferences and scientific articles of students and undergraduates.

- Based on the new quality management system, education, science and education are headed by the help of corporate groups.
- The council of self-government of students, is based on management and management.
- Annually the teaching staff increase their professional qualifications abroad, in countries such as Great Britain, USA, Germany, China, Turkey, Austria, Cyprus, Lithuania, etc.
- In the Institute, the indicator of working scientists at each department is 60-95%.
- Every year, 40-50 students, thanks to academic mobility, increase their knowledge in the above countries.

The material and technical base of the Institute meets modern requirements, the audience is equipped with information technology systems, there are 3 computer classes connected to the Internet system, 3 linguistic rooms equipped with new technologies, equipped with 23 interactive whiteboards connected to the Internet system. There is a reading room with 45 places, with a fund of 1800-2000 books, 1500 scientific literature, various printed publications and also the fund of works of the teaching staff.

In different years worked at the faculty outstanding scientists, interesting personalities. Nowadays in our team there are scientists, correspondent members of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan F.Sh.Orazbayeva, B.U.Smanov, academicians of the International Academy of Pedagogical Education B.Abdigaziuly, T.K. Zhumzhanova, doctors of sciences, professors S.D. Abisheva, R.A Shakhanova, T.S. Tebegenov, K.U. Esenova, G. A. Kazhygalieva, L.K. Zhanalina, M.R. Kondubaeva, M.Sh.Musataeva, Sh.T.Kozhakeeva, A.K.Kazkenova and others.

The Institute of Philology and Multilingual Education is a real workshop, teaching language and literature, the art of speech and culture, for those who wants to develop, learn, know the world languages, is a guiding light for the burning hearts of matriculates.

The Institute of Philology and Multilingual Education plans to open the scientific and methodological center named after Ahmet Baitursynov in the future to teach languages by levels. On the basis to held the republican A.Baitursynov readings every year.

It is also planned to create an educational and methodological center on integrated educational analysis technology, on the basis to prepare trilingual qualified specialists.