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Military Chair


Head of the military chair 
Colonel Radmir U. Rakishev 

Date of birth: 9 May 1965, Кaraganda region

Education: Novosibirsk Higher Military-Political Combined Arms School - 1986,
-United States Army Command and General Staff College-2002,
- National Defense University MD RK - 2004.

Deputy Head  of the military chair
Lieutenant colonel  Baurzhan Zh. Оrazbekov 

Date of birth: 11 October 1972

Education: military chair of the  Almaty zooveterinary institute- 1994

Almaty University Continuing Education - 2012.


Historical reference:

Military Сhair of Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University was created by Government Decision Republic of Kazakhstan № 1500 from 6 November, 1997.
In accordance with the above Resolution of the Government, orders of the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan №10 dated 26 January, 1998 and Minister of Education, Culture and Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan №42 from 30 January, 1998 was announced - Resolution of the Government of Kazakhstan №1500 of 6 November, 1997 ``About military chair of education at Abai Almaty State University ".
Based on the above guidelines rector of Abai ASU its order №02-06/ 1 dated 6 February, 1998, it was announced the establishment of the military Chair at Abai ASU and transfer under the military chair area, office space and support facilities "Spartak" sports complex, started training the military chair planned for the beginning of classes.
In accordance with the order of the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan and Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan №10/42 dated 26 March , 1998 1 September, 1998 at the military Chair of Abai ASU made to prepare students for the program of preparation of reserve officers on specialty: "Combat use mechanized infantry units, units and formations on infantry combat vehicles "(Military occupational specialty 021001).
Order of the Chief of Staff of the Republic of Kazakhstan Armed Forces of the № 49 of 23 February 1999 introduced the students training on military faculty Abai ASU of the specialty: "Financial security and the economy of military and economic activities of the troops" (MOS 310,101), attracting students for military training in this specialty students of financial and economic department, while maintaining the profile of a former military training on other faculties.
In accordance with the order of the Ministry of Defense from 18.02.2004 preparation of students was introduced by MOS 390200 "Psychology".
In 2009, the graduation of students performed at 10-month courses in the specialty 1123053 "Psychology" - 20 people, the number of soldiers.
Order of the Republic of Kazakhstan Minister of Defense № 884 of November 9, 2012 at the military department of Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University introduced training of students on a specialty "Organization of the work in the mechanized infantry divisions" and "Organization of psychological work".
Since 2015 enrolled in the specialty "Organization of ideological work" at the military chair.
Since the establishment of the military chair led officers with extensive military and pedagogical experience, such as:
- Colonel Kuandik T. Akhmetov (from 28 March 1998 to 3 March 2000), Member of local wars;
- Colonel Alexander Y. Sapozhnikov (from 18 August 2000 to 13 April 2001), "Honored Worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan";
- Colonel Yevgeniy S. Saltanov ( from 5 July , 2001 to August 31, 2010 ) candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor.
Present military chair are trained in the following specialties:
- "Organization of educational and ideological work in the Army"
- "Organization of psychological work"
- "Organization of ideological work".