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Institute of Natural Sciences and Geography
 Kaimuldinova Kulyash Duisembaevna
Director of Institute of Natural Sciences and Geography
Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor
Kazybek Bi st. 30,№ 1, 414 office.
 +7 (727) 291-47-66

 Mukatayeva Zhazira Sagatbekovna
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Candidates Chemical Sciences, Professor
Kazybek Bi, 30,b #1, 4th Floor, Office 417

 Sagyndykov Amantai Sagyndykovich
Deputy Director for Science and International Relations
Candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor
Kazybek Bi st, 30

 Manapov Nurlan Tursynbekovich
Deputy director for educational work

Kazybek Bi str.,30, Educational building 1, Office 419
 +7 (727) 91 47 66; +7 7772934231


Preparation of competent and experienced specialists for secondary schools.

The Institute has a great experience in this field. Education of students is conducted in the Kazakh and Russian languages. Starting in 2011, formed as multilingual groups in which classes are conducted in English, Russian and Kazakh languages.

On specialties chemistry, biology and tourism plans to introduce double diploma educational program. Students will be able to get a second diploma, studying abroad. Specialists who have received higher education on the basis of our institute, working not only in the school system, but also invited other state administrative agencies, research institutions, socio-political organizations in the sphere of international relations, human rights, etc. After training, our graduates demand for in educational institutions near and far abroad.

The students of our institute take part in international and domestic competitions of scientific projects and grants. So, the future of geography and biology reinforce the theoretical knowledge on the distant field and teaching practices, and chemistry students, along with teaching practice practical work at enterprises of the city. Starting with the 2011 school year, teachers and students according to the curriculum is carried out on the practice field training field hospital, located on the shore of Kapchagay reservoir, as well as being improved and being completed educational production complex "Agrobiogeostantsiya" in Enbekshi kazakh district, Almaty region.

Systematically produced "Bulletin KazNPU named after Abai" A series of natural and geographical sciences ", where published scientific articles of teachers. entry into the international system of education in the framework of the Lisbon Convention and Bologna Declaration, signed by our Republic, has radically changed the system of university and post-graduate education, which led to the drafting of new standards of education.

Currently, the Institute carried out several projects and research programs involving 75% of the teaching staff and 25% of students. Chair of the Institute actively cooperate with research institutions and universities in the MES system, universities and institutions of the CIS countries and far abroad (Russia, China, Turkey, Czech Republic, Poland, USA, Hungary and the University of Southern France).