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2011114Chair of jurisprudenceopen
2021112Teaching staffopen
2031112Requirements to registration of of articles, published in the journalopen
2041105Reports and records of the rectoropen
2051104Scientific center "Resource consultative center for inclusive education for higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and personality psychologyopen
2061102The organization and the passage of the summer termopen
2071100Scientific and research activityopen
2081099Student dormitoriesopen
2091087Chair of History of Kazakhstan named after Academician Sadykov T.Sopen
2101084Scientific and research activityopen
2111084Staff of the chairopen
2121080Chair of Physical Culture and Sportsopen
2131080Teaching staffopen
2141077Teaching staffopen
2151075Staff of the chairopen
2161073Scientific-research Center «Khakim Abai»open
2171064Teaching staffopen
2181061Teaching staffopen
2191054Teaching staff of the chairopen
2201049Student Lifeopen
2221045Staff of the chairopen
2241044Teaching staff of the chairopen
2251043Staff of the chairopen
2261035Educational proccesopen
2271030Public activitiesopen
2281020Health postopen
2291018Ranking 2017open
2301018Eurasian economic integrationopen
2321016Educational and Methodological Activityopen
2341015Kazakh for foreigners! Russian for foreigners!open
235998Student Lifeopen
236998Editorial staffopen
237993Chair of World Historyopen
238990Security Serviceopen
239987Academic staffopen
240987Social and educational activitiesopen
241983Unified National Testopen
242981University Administrationopen
243978Educational and Methodological Activityopen
244975Staff of the chairopen
245972Supervisory Board open
246968Scientific and research activityopen
248967Educational programs of specialtiesopen
249966Staff of the chairopen
250966Department of educational, social work and youth policyopen

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