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151837Chair of preschool education and social pedagogyopen
152834Unified National Testopen
153831Scientific and research activityopen
154826Student dormitoriesopen
155825Information for applicants entering the magistracy, residency, postgraduate and doctoralopen
156825Public activitiesopen
157823Chair of «Chemistry»open
158822Startup projectsopen
159820Кegulatory documentsopen
160813Educational programs of specialtiesopen
162798Student Lifeopen
164789Republican educational and methodical sectionopen
165787Scientific and research activityopen
166786University Administrationopen
167785Scientific and research activityopen
168784Rules of admission to the second higher educationopen
169784Chair of «Geography, Ecology And Tourism»open
170780Chair of Pedagogy and Methods of primary educationopen
172763Sorbonne-Kazakhstan Instituteopen
174758Chair of Foreign Languagesopen
175757Staff of the chairopen
176754International programsopen
177754Chair of Special educationopen
178752Appeals processopen
179752Exchange and study abroad – Outgoingopen
180750Chair of Philological specialties for foreigners and preparatory trainingopen
182743Department of Scienceopen
183743Rules of entering to the military chairopen
184738Department of educational, social work and youth policyopen
185735Scientific Libraryopen
186732Chair of «Biology»open
187732Teaching staffopen
188731Chair of Oriental Philology and Translationopen
190727Direction of the activityopen
191726Chair of music education and choreographyopen
192726Health postopen
193726Normative documentsopen
194725Requirements to registration of of articles, published in the journalopen
195721The organization and the passage of the summer termopen
197714Student Lifeopen
198711Career Сenteropen
199710Information about the procedure physical training standardsopen
200708Chair of Mathematics and Mathematical Modellingopen

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