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 Abylkasymova Alma Yesimbekovna
Head of the Chair
Doctor of pedagogical sciences, Professor
Tole bi str, 86


The Chair «Methods of Mathematics, Physics and InformaticsTeaching» (hereinafter - the Chair) was opened in 1942 as the Chair «Methods of MathematicsTeaching». It was headed by A.T. Kalmykov, Associate Professor M.K.Satbaev, Associate Professor B.S.Zhanbyrbaev, Associate Professor M. U . Iskakov, Associate Professor A.A. Bidosov, Associate Professor N.N. Zabezhanskaya, Professor A.Y. Abilkymova, Professor E.B. Shalbaev, associate professor M.Zh. Bekpatshaev, professor S. Aldashev


From 2013 to the present, the head of the Chairis a doctor of pedagogical sciences, a professor, a corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, an academician of the Russian Academy of Education, Alma Esimbekovna Abylkasymova.

Over the years, well-known methodologists worked on the Chair, such as A. Sabalakov, B. B. Baymukhanov, H. Kurmanalin, S. Elubaev, M. Akhmetov, K. Tuleyeva, K. Shayakhmetova, T. T. other. Their works are «Mathematical methods (methodics)» (1989). A. Bidosova, «Modern lesson» (2003), «Theory and methods of mathematics teaching» (in Kazakh, Russian and English) (2013). A. Abylkasymova. E., «Mathematical evening» (1971), «The oldest Kazakh problems and Kazakh mathematicians» (1996), Yelubayeva S., «Theory of Probability and Elements of Mathematical Statistics» (1988)., Zhanbyrbaeva BS, «Mathematical Mosaic» (1997), Zabezhanskii N.N., used by students in the educational process of schools and universities of the republic.

Nowadays, the Chairis staffed with leading methodologists, famous for their scientific schools, international works, educational publications for both schools and the higher education system. Among them are Ph.D., professor, corresponding member of the NAS RK Abylkasymova A.E., d.s.p., professor Alimbekova G.B., d.s.s., Kozybai A.K. , Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor MK Shuakayev, Ph.D., Professor Shokanov AK, Ph.D., Acting Professor Zhadrayeva L.U. ps, acting Professor Iskakovа M.T, Ph.D., Associate Professor Tuyakov E.A, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor KayinbayevZh.T., Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor Kossanov BM, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences ps, st.prep. Kabulova A.R., . Zh.K. Sydykova, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Yeraliev S.E., Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor ZhunusovaL.Kh., Candidate of Technical Sciences, Senior Lecturer Yelemesov K.K., PhD- Nurmuhamedova Zh.M., Ospanbekov E. et al.

The Chairhas a great scientific potential. The degree in the Chairis 82%. The Chairhas 5 doctors of science, 11 candidates of science, 2 doctors of PhD, 2 of them doctors and 7 candidates of science completed and successfully defended their research work at the dissertation council on the defense of the doctoral (master`s) dissertation in the specialty 13.00.02 - Theory and teaching methods (mathematics, physics, chemistry) (1997-2010), chaired by Professor A.E. Abylkasymova.

The Chairis directly involved in the methodological training of teachers in the specialties of the undergraduate curriculum: "5B010900 - Mathematics", «5B011000 - Physics», «5B011100 - Informatics»; Master`s programs: «6М010900 - Mathematics», «6М011000 - Physics», «6М011200 - Vocational training», and also provides training for doctors PhD: «6D010900- Mathematics», «6D011000 - Physics».

The teaching staff of the Chair readlectures, seminars and practical classes in all compulsory and major bachelor`s disciplines, such as «Elementary Mathematics», «Scientific Foundations of School Mathematics», «Beginning of Mathematical Analysis», «Practical work on solving mathematical problems», «Methods for solving non-standard problems in mathematics», «Methods of teaching mathematics», «Practical work on methods of teaching mathematics», «Organization of teaching mathematics. Modern lesson», «Profile and level differentiation of teaching mathematics», «Methodical bases of solving problems in mathematics», « History of Mathematics».

The specificity of the Chair is that all the pedagogical practice of bachelors, undergraduates and doctoral students of PhD, conducted in all these specialties, is carried out by experienced teachers and methodologists of our department.

The focus of the Chair: theoretical, scientific and methodical training of future teachers; fundamental and applied research in the field of education. The faculty of the department actively participates in research projects conducted by MES RK and Abai KazNPU.

Teachers of the Chair annually take advanced training courses and internships abroad (England, Spain, Germany, France, Japan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan), and take part in seminars and conferences devoted to the problems of both school and university education systems. Undergraduates and PhD students, students and specializing in the Chair undergo a scientific internship in universities near and far abroad.

The Chair actively participates in all public events of the university, maintains contact with labor veterans who worked in different years at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics and at the Chair of Mathematics Teaching Methods. (Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Baimukhanov B.B., professor Shalbaev E.B., associate professor Elubaev S., associate professor Shayakhmetova K., associate professors Bekbaulieva Sh., Mendigalieva M., Kaliyeva K.K. other).

In general, the Chair represents a cohesive and actively working team, with sufficient scientific potential, aimed at achieving high results in the preparation of highly qualified specialists - the future teachers of the new generation.