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Internship at the University in Svecha (Przasnysz, Poland)


Undergraduates of the 2nd course of the specialty «6M011600 – Geography» of the Institute of Natural Science and Geography of Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University, from November 14 to 24 have been trained in the branch of the Linguistic-Technical University in the city of Przasnysh.


In practice undergraduates, under the supervision of Sternal Elizabeth had the opportunity to improve the theoretical and practical knowledge gained at the university. During the practice they got acquainted with the Fund of the national library in Warsaw. , where they made a selection of necessary materials for a master`s thesis.


As future geographers, they conducted a comparative description of the geographical position and climate of Warsaw, the socio-economic situation and natural resources. During the ten days of the internship, many new impressions were received. Undergraduates who have undergone the practice were awarded certificates of the Linguistic-Technical University.








International cooperation institute held by mutual employment contract and temporary agreements in various directions: from the Institute of Physiology, RAS, with the Institute of Physiology of the edge of the Kyrgyz Academy of Sciences, with the universities of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, and has a temporary agreements with universities in Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania.


Institute on behalf of the department cooperates with the Research Institute of NAS RK botany, zoology, physiology, biotechnology, botanical garden of the RK, the station naturalists, Almaty KazNU named after al-Farabi, with the Institute of Chemical Sciences of NAS RK  named after A.Bekturov.


Through the academic mobility of faculty and students of the institute is constantly exchanged with the students and faculty of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Turkey, Poland and China.


International scientific relations: with universities abroad distant Turkey and America and near countries: Russia, Moscow State Pedagogical Institute, Ukraine, Ukr NPU Dragomonova, Institute of Developmental Physiology, Russian, Moscow, Lithuanian edukologichesky University, Kuzbass State Pedagogical Academy (Russia), UEFA .