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Scientific and research activity

Our partners are the Science Laboratory Institute of Human and Animal Physiology MES, a research institute KNU named after al-Farabi, Karaganda State University, Social and Territorial Innovation University of Shymkent, Zhetsuyskyi University I.Zhansugurov, Taraz State University named after Dulati.

Institute faculty and staff regularly participate in competitions for science students and is also actively involved in research projects of the university and the MESQuarterly magazine is "Bulletin".


Research priorities for the Institute:


  • Innovative methods to improve teacher training.
  • Investigation and assessment of the correlation of health educators and learners.
  • The problem of the protection and conservation of the biological diversity of the territory of Kazakhstan.


The Institute has science and research lab, teaching and learning laboratory. Constantly working to improve innovative methods of training and education.

According to the results of research and NIRS faculty and students participate in the annual science fair through the MES and other organizations.

The Institute has research laboratory for NIRS and research faculty, regularly working on finding current issues and initiatives in order.

According to the Department of Chemistry in 2013, released four e-books, more than 20 scientific papers, and three articles with a high impact factor.The department of anatomy, physiology, hygiene, and the BZ last year produced 24 articles (4 of them in a foreign language, one article from the impact factor.According to the Department of Toed last year produced 23 articles, including 3 in a foreign language.Prepared by the Department of Botany 25 articles, 5 of them in a foreign language, 2 articles with impact factor.


Scientific publications faculty