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1011119Eurasian economic integrationopen
1021118Awards and achievementsopen
1041089Credit system of educationopen
1051068Educational programs of specialtiesopen
1061044International activityopen
1071039Decisions of the Academic Councilopen
1081036International Cooperationopen
1091036Alumni associationopen
1101032International Cooperationopen
1111029List of approved applicants for degree open
1121023Publishing house «Ulagat»open
1131022Elimination of academic debtopen
1141019Educational processopen
1151016Awards and achievementsopen
1161014Dismissal of students from the university, providing of academic leaveopen
1171004Prospective studentsopen
1181003Educational processopen
1191002Awards and achievementsopen
121995Scientific and research activityopen
122989Charity Clubopen
123988Chair of Russian Language and Literatureopen
124983Educational processopen
125970TORFL Centeropen
127960International Cooperationopen
128958Educational programs of specialtiesopen
129958Chair of the Pedagogics UNESCOopen
130956Work plan of the Academic Council open
131952SIP Structural subdivisionsopen
132951Аcademic Mobilityopen
134942Labor unionopen
135940The Bologna processopen
137936Educational programs of specialtiesopen
138931Educational process open
139922Educational process open
140921Educational programs of specialtiesopen
141921Tempus projectsopen
142918Rules of awarding academic degreesopen
143917The teaching staff rankingopen
144914Scientific and research activityopen
145914Supervisory Board open
146912Кegulatory documentsopen
147909Startup projectsopen
148903Eurasian economic integrationopen
149901Educational process open

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