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1011406International Cooperationopen
1021403Scientists of KazNPU named after Abaiopen
1031393Elimination of academic debtopen
1051379Dismissal of students from the university, providing of academic leaveopen
1061377International Cooperationopen
1071377Сareer centeropen
1081363Publishing house «Ulagat»open
1091360Educational processopen
1101358List of approved applicants for degree open
1111348Awards and achievementsopen
1121346Additional education at the scientific innovation parkopen
1131343Educational processopen
1141338Educational processopen
1151337Decisions of the Academic Councilopen
1171329Prospective studentsopen
1181322PhD degreeopen
1191319Awards and achievementsopen
1201319International Cooperationopen
1211313Work plan of the Academic Council open
1221309TORFL Centeropen
1231303Chair of the Pedagogics UNESCOopen
1241302Scientific and research activityopen
1261273Educational process open
1271269Educational programs of specialtiesopen
1281269Educational process open
1291258The Bologna processopen
1301257Scientific and research activityopen
1311256Educational process open
1321253The trade union committee of studentsopen
1331251Charity Clubopen
1341242Rules of awarding academic degreesopen
1351238SIP Structural subdivisionsopen
1361234Chair of russian language and literatureopen
1371233Labor unionopen
1381213Кegulatory documentsopen
1401190Startup projectsopen
1411188Chair of Special educationopen
1421184Chair of preschool education and social pedagogyopen
1441174Chair of Philological specialties for foreigners and preparatory trainingopen
1451171Tempus projectsopen
1461170Rules of entering to the military chairopen
1471169Eurasian economic integrationopen
1481167Chair of «Chemistry»open
1491166Scientific and research activityopen
1501164The teaching staff rankingopen

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