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2511030Editorial staffopen
2531026Scientific and research activityopen
2541026Scientific center "Intellectual Nation"open
2551024International Cooperationopen
2561015International Cooperationopen
2571013Ranking 2016open
2581012Awards and Achievements of the Chairopen
2591010Unified National Testopen
2601009Social and educational activitiesopen
2611007Social and educational activitiesopen
2621006Department of educational, social work and youth policyopen
2631004Educational and Methodological Activityopen
2641002Normative documentsopen
265998University Administrationopen
266996Social and educational activitiesopen
267992Department for Educational, Social Work and Youth Policyopen
268992Social and educational activitiesopen
269989Student Lifeopen
270986Teaching staff of chairopen
271982Scientific and research activityopen
272981Supervisory Board open
273979Scientific Center «Oral History»open
274970Student Lifeopen
276963Information for applicants entering the magistracy, residency, postgraduate and doctoralopen
277957Educational and Methodological Activityopen
278957Educational programs of specialtiesopen
279955Student Lifeopen
280951Educational and Methodological Activityopen
281947Awards and Achievements of the Chairopen
282946Awards and Achievements of the Chairopen
283943Вulliten of КаzNPU named after Abai. Series «Philological sciences»open
284942Republican educational and methodical sectionopen
285941Exchange and study abroad – Outgoingopen
286941Decisions of the Rectorateopen
287939Scientific and research activityopen
288936Appeals processopen
289934Student Lifeopen
290933Awards and Achievements of the Chairopen
291929Speech of the rectoropen
292927Awards and achievementsopen
293926 Series of Art educationopen
294925International Cooperationopen
295924International Cooperationopen
296918Division of SRW,SRWS and innovationopen
297917Scientific and research activityopen
298916Educational programs of specialtiesopen
299914 Educational and Methodological Activity open
300914Educational programs of specialtiesopen

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