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251606Student Lifeopen
253601Student Lifeopen
254600Educational buildingsopen
255598Institute of History and Lawopen
256598Policy and aims in the area of qualityopen
257597Academic staff of the Chairopen
258596Division for documentary support and controlopen
259594Institute of Applied Physics and Mathematicsopen
260594Transfer rules for a grantopen
261593About usopen
262593About usopen
263593Teaching staffopen
264591Institute of Arts, Culture and Sportsopen
265591Teaching staff of the chairopen
266590Staff of the chairopen
267589Chair of History of Kazakhstan named after Academician Sadykov T.Sopen
268588Educational and Methodological Activityopen
269588Chair of physicsopen
270587Visa support of students and lecturersopen
271585Scientific center "Resource consultative center for inclusive education for higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and personality psychologyopen
272582International Cooperationopen
273581Teaching staffopen
274581Scientific-research Center «Khakim Abai»open
275580Student Lifeopen
277574Prospective studentsopen
278574International Cooperationopen
279573Staff of the chairopen
280570Student Lifeopen
281569Student Lifeopen
283568Chair of World Historyopen
284567Mission of the Instituteopen
285563Rector’s messageopen
286563Student Lifeopen
287563Student Lifeopen
288562Awards and achievements of the Chairopen
289560Schedule Open Days of Institute / Faculty KazNPU named after Abaiopen
290559Sorbonne - Kazakhstan Instituteopen
292557About usopen
293553Student Lifeopen
294553Institute of History and Lawopen
295552Student Lifeopen
296548Educational and Methodological Activityopen
297548International organizationsopen
298545Staff of the chairopen
299544Scientific and research activityopen
300543Institute of History and Lawopen

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