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 Bidaibekov Yesen Yklasovich
Head of the Chair
Doctor of pedagogical sciences, Professor
Tole bi str, 86


The current Department of Informatics and Informatization of Education was opened in 1984 and was called the Department of Computational Mathematics and Differential Equations. It was headed by Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic, former rector of KazPU named after AbaiK.A. Kasimov. Under his leadership, a team arose which consisted of such eminent scientists as Irkegulov Sh. T., Zhanbyrbaev B.S. (1928-2007), Akhmetov M.Zh., Nakesbekov B.K., GoltserYA.A., Medeuov E.U. and others. Since 1985, it is headed by Professor E.Y. Bidaybekov, founder of the national scientific school in the field of informatics and informatization of education.

In 1987, the department received the name of computer science and computing, since 1993 it was renamed the department of computer science and applied mathematics at KazNPU named after Abai. The activity of the department was aimed at training personnel in the specialty "Informatics", it conducted research work on applied mathematics and methods of teaching computer science.

Since 2010, the department was part of the Institute of Magistracy and PhD doctoral studies, under the current name. In 2011, it was decided to implement training in the department in the specialty of mathematics. In September 2011, the department began training in the specialty mechanics, in connection with which it was renamed the Department of Computer Science and Mechanics and Mathematics. Since September 2012, training in the field of mathematics and mechanics has been carried out in another department. Since 2014, the department is part of the Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics. In connection with the restructuring of the institute in 2016, the Department of Informatics and Informatization of Education merged with the Department of Informatics and Applied Mathematics.

In early 2018, the International Scientific Laboratory of Informatization Problems of Education and Educational Technologies was opened at the department.

In October 2018, the opening of STEM pedagogical park was held. Innovative technologies for the development of robotics and mechatronics are being introduced into the system of higher and postgraduate education in Kazakhstan.

Nowadays, the department provides continuous training of specialists in the field of educational and scientific computer science in the following specialties:
- Bachelor`s program: «5В011100 -Computer Science» (which includes training future teachers of informatics and robotics), «5B060200 - Computer Science» (naturally - scientific direction), «5В070300 - Information systems», «5B012000 - Vocational training», «5B060300 - Mechanics», «5B071600 - Instrument Engineering»;
- Master`s degree program: «6М011100 - Computer Science» (1.5 and 2 years of study), «6М060200 - Computer Science», «6M070300 - Information Systems»;
- Doctoral: «6D011100 - Computer Science» (3 years of study).

Faculty staff of the department is characterized as follows:
The head of the department is the doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Bidaybekov Esen Yklasovich, who has more than 35 years of experience in the creation, formation and development of the department of computer science and applied mathematics of the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai.

The main structure of the department is formed from teachers of the Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics of Abai KazNPU as well as famous scientists (Dr. Sc., Professor, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the RK U. Ualiyev; E.U. Medeuov; Prof. B.S. Akhmetov; D.Sc., Prof. B.Sydykov; Prof. A.E. Sagimbaeva; associate professor G.B. Kamalova, associate professors Shekerbekova Sh.T., Abdulkarimova G.A., Zhanbyrbaev A.B., Kiseleva E.A., Bostanov B.G., Oshanova N.T.).

Doctors and candidates of science who have received the State grant «The best teacher of the university for the year» work at the department: E.Y. Bidaibekov (2007, 2012), A.E. Sagimbaeva (2011), Sh.T. Shekerbekova (2013), K.A. Iskakov (2013), G.A.Abdulkarimova (2014), N.T.Oshanova (2017), B.G.Bostanov (2018).

Over the past few years, research has been conducted under the direction of Professor E.Y. Bedaybekov on the study of the mathematical heritage of Al-Farabi and its introduction into modern mathematical education. G.B.Kamalova, B.G. Bostanov, I.T. Salgozha, K.K. Umbetbaev, N.T. Oshanova, Zh.K. Akkasynova,N.T. Oshanova took an active part in the research. In addition, research is carried out in the field of mathematical modeling and computational experiment, as the most important branch of computer science, as well as in the field of inverse problems of mathematical physics.

The department operates a scientific and methodological seminar «Informatization of education and learning problems». The dissertation council on defending theses for the award of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), doctor in profile 6D011100-Education (computer science) was opened. There is an international scientific laboratory of the problems of informatization of education and educational technologies.

Currently, the faculty of the department has 45.5 staff units, of which: 8 - doctors of science, professors; 1 - Doctor of Science, Associate Professor; 1 - PhD, Acting Professor; 9 - PhDs, associate professors; 3 - Candidates of Science, Ass. Professors; 6 - candidates of science, senior teachers; 7 - PhD doctors, senior teachers; 1 - doctor PhD, teacher; 5 - masters, senior teachers; 9 - masters, teachers; 3 - teachers.