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1778The 5th international job fair "Salon Carrières France-Kazakhstan"open
2701Sports festival "А healthy body fuels a healthy mind"open
3692At Abai KazNPU opened "Shapagat" digital student service centreopen
4683Meeting with the Ambassador of South Korea in the Republic of Kazakhstanopen
5682Students visited Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Leader of the Natopen
6662At Abai KazNPU took place a cognitive evening "World-renowned Leader of the Nation"open
8565Nigde Omer Halisdemir University delegation visits Abai KazNPUopen
9558Running a Workshop "Student`s Academic Mobility"open
10552Information Day of JSC "Center for International Programs" in Abai KazNPUopen
16472Student Lifeopen
17472Student Lifeopen
18472The Head of State`s Statement on the Address to Kazakhstan`s Nationopen
19469Student Lifeopen
20460Student Lifeopen
21452Festival of pedagogical ideas "The way to success"open
22445Visit of Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University educators to  Heidelberg University oopen
23441Institute of History and Lawopen
24440Institute of Arts, Culture and Sportsopen
25432Student Lifeopen
26432Student Lifeopen
27422Institute of History and Lawopen
28414Student Lifeopen
29408GOOD LUCK , YOUNG SPECIALIST!             open
30404Student Lifeopen
31403The celebration continuesopen
32399Institute of History and Lawopen
33398Student Lifeopen
34398Student Lifeopen
35398The decision about international accreditation of educational programs in Abai KazNPU of the Inopen
36396Student Lifeopen
37392 THE  DAY OF  KNOWLEDGE AT ABAI KazNPU             open
38388Student Lifeopen
40382Institute of History and Lawopen
41375Institute of History and Lawopen
42373Meeting of the Coalition of Democratic Forces of Almaty in Kazakhstan at the university KazNPU namedopen
43372Institute of History and Lawopen
44371Student Lifeopen
45370Student Lifeopen
46361Institute of History and Lawopen
47359The awarding ceremony of teaching staff and students by the results of the EAEAopen
48358Institute of Arts, Culture and Sportsopen
49356Student Lifeopen
50355Delegation of the Universities Heidelberg and Freiburg visited Abai KazNPUopen

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