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601419Student Lifeopen
602417About usopen
603417Student Lifeopen
604417International Cooperationopen
605415Institute of History and Lawopen
606415List of books a teaching staffopen
607415Evaluation of educational achievements of studentsopen
608415International teamopen
609414Registration Division enrolled full-time studentsopen
610414Government procurement divisionopen
611414Rating 2014open
612413Student Lifeopen
613413Moral and spiritual directionopen
614412The List of Diploma Projectsopen
616411Structure of the EMUopen
617410Registration Division students of correspondence coursesopen
619407Institute of Arts, Culture and Sportsopen
620407Information Resources Divisionopen
621406Pedagogical practiceopen
622406Chair of Pedagogyopen
623405Student Lifeopen
624405Academic mobilityopen
625405Social and educational activitiesopen
626405Ideological directionopen
627405Pedagogical practiceopen
628404Public activitiesopen
629404Academic Calendaropen
631403International scholarshipsopen
632403Institute of History and Lawopen
633403Student Lifeopen
634403Employment of graduatesopen
635402Composition of the Administrationopen
636401Diploma themesopen
637401Chair of anatomy, physiology, health and life safetyopen
638401Chair of Physical Culture of Recuperationopen
639401Achieving of studentsopen
640399Institute of Arts, Culture and Sportsopen
641399Prospective studentsopen
642399Scientific projectsopen
644398Educational programs of specialtiesopen
645397Institute of Arts, Culture and Sportsopen
646397Social and Pedagogical Directionopen
647397Decisions of the Rectorateopen
648396Teaching staff of the chairopen
649396Institute of Arts, Culture and Sportsopen
650395The List of Diploma Projectsopen

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