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401515Structure of the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abaiopen
402515Directions of professional activity of the Clubopen
403515Division of International Educational Programsopen
404515Scientific and research activityopen
406514Educational and Methodological Activityopen
407512International Cooperationopen
408512Series ofopen
410511Educational programs of specialtiesopen
411510Scientific and research activityopen
412509Institute of History and Lawopen
414509List of publicationsopen
415507Division of the commercialization of scientific and technical activity resultsopen
416506Series «Multilingual education and philology of foreign languages»open
417506Educational and Methodological Activityopen
418506Educational and Methodological Activityopen
419505List of books a teaching staffopen
420505Series of "Pedagogical sciences"open
421503Institute of History and Lawopen
423503Scientific and research activityopen
424502Lesson scheduleopen
425502Academic Calendaropen
426501Awards and Achievements of the Chairopen
427499International Cooperationopen
428497Achieving of studentsopen
429496Chair of Geography of Kazakhstan, the ecology and methods of teaching geographyopen
430495Staff of the chairopen
431495Educational and Methodological Activityopen
432494Awards and Achievements of the Chairopen
433494Educational and Methodological Activityopen
435493Division of international scientific-cultural relationsopen
436492International Cooperationopen
437492About usopen
438490Awards and Achievements of the Chairopen
439489Educational and Methodological Activityopen
440489Policy and aims in the area of quality open
442488Council of Veteransopen
443487Student Lifeopen
444487Awards and Achievements of the Chairopen
445487Exam questions for the entrance exam to the magistracy specialties on 2015/2016 academic yearopen
446485Scientific and research activityopen
447485Educational and Methodological Activityopen
448484Student Lifeopen
449484Educational processopen
450483Student Lifeopen

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