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451555Awards and achievementsopen
452554Scientific and research activityopen
453554Scientific and research activityopen
454553Staff of Chairopen
455552Series «Multilingual education and philology of foreign languages»open
456552Rating 2015open
457551Commandant of dormitoriesopen
458549Faculties and Institutesopen
459548List books a teaching staffopen
460548Student Lifeopen
461545Structure of the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abaiopen
462544List of books a teaching staffopen
463541Scientific and research activityopen
464538Chair of Geography of Kazakhstan, the ecology and methods of teaching geographyopen
465538List of publicationsopen
466536Institute of History and Lawopen
467535Institute of History and Lawopen
468535Announcements of the centeropen
469533Academic Calendaropen
470533International Cooperationopen
471531Сhair of Initial Military Trainingopen
472531Educational programs of specialtiesopen
473529Achieving of studentsopen
474529Development strategy of the Chairopen
476527Student Lifeopen
477527Student Lifeopen
478527Student Lifeopen
479526Lesson scheduleopen
480525Student Lifeopen
481525Educational programs of specialtiesopen
482524Student Lifeopen
483523Division of international scientific-cultural relationsopen
484523Student Lifeopen
485522Educational and Methodological Activityopen
486521Student Lifeopen
488520Student Lifeopen
489518Scientific publicationsopen
491518Educational and methodological activity open
492517Student Lifeopen
493516Staff of the chairopen
494516Decisions of the Rectorateopen
495514Student Lifeopen
496514Scientific and research activityopen
499512Archive of the Journalopen
500511Staff of the chairopen

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