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551431Teaching staff of the chairopen
553429International Cooperationopen
554429Institute of Philology and multilingual educationopen
556428Student Lifeopen
557427Students officeopen
558427Educational and methodological activity open
559426Scientific Publicationsopen
560426Awards and achievements of the Chairopen
561426Teaching staff of the chairopen
562425Information about financial centeropen
563424Further trainingopen
564424Institute of History and Lawopen
565424Kazakh language for foreigners! Russian language for foreigners!open
566424The List of Diploma Projectsopen
567424Scientific Center open
568423Advertising and promotion directionopen
569423Student Lifeopen
570423Registration officeopen
571423International Cooperation Departmentopen
572422Department of organization educational processopen
573422Scientific and research activityopen
574422Scientific Center «Oral History»open
575421Institute of History and Lawopen
576421Students officeopen
577420Centre for Research and Training in the field ofopen
579420Student Lifeopen
580419Compulsory social health insuranceopen
582418International Cooperationopen
583418Institute of Arts, Culture and Sportsopen
584418Сhair of Initial Military Trainingopen
585417Institute of Arts, Culture and Sportsopen
586417Student Lifeopen
587416Teaching staff of chairopen
588416Staff of Chairopen
589415International teamopen
590414Animator`s activity directionopen
591414Vocational guidelineopen
592414Awards and achievementsopen
593413Student Lifeopen
594413About usopen
595413presidential messageopen
596412Student Lifeopen
597412Evaluation of educational achievements of studentsopen
598412Rules of the final control (examination session)open
599411Registration Division enrolled full-time studentsopen
600411Institute of History and Lawopen

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