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 Kozhagulov Tokkozha Mukazhanovich
The director of Institute of arts, culture and sport
Candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor, Member of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan, Laureate of the Youth Prize
Ualikhanov str., 64A

 Rabilova Zoya Zhilgildynovna
Deputy Director for Academic Affairs
Сandidate of pedagogical sciences
Ualikhanov str., 64A

 Smanova Akmaral Smailovna
Deputy director for science and international relations
Candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor
Ualikhanov str., 64A

 Kaishybekov Erkyn Bazargalievich
Deputy director for educational and scientific work
Member of of the Union of Designers of Kazakhstan
Ualikhanov str., 64A

The institute of arts, culture and sport of the Abay Kazakh National pedagogical university is a successor of ofAbay Kazakh Pedagogical Institute, which was the first and until recently only specialized educational institution in the field of professional art education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

More than forty years from the moment of the foundation in 1969 art and graphic faculty carries out training of specialists, that have professional creative and scientific potential.

The institute conducts training of artists, musicians, choreographers, designers and teachers of physical education. Creative works of teachers and students of Institute can be seen not only in republican galleries, but also in private collections of Sweden, Turkey, France, Korea, the USA, Russia, the Czech Republic, Canada, Oman, Malaysia, India and many other countries. Students of Institute are the winners of Republican and International competitions, the folklore ensemble from among students of specialty «Music Education» and «Choreography» functions.

6 Masters of Sports of the international scale, 24 Masters of Sports, 37 candidates for the Master of Sports studyat the Institute.

At present the faculty is presented by 93 highly skilled teachers: 2 doctors of pedagogical sciences, 1 professor, 10 academic professors, 21 candidates of pedagogical sciences, 8 associate professors, 1 candidate of arts, 1 candidate of philosophical sciences, 1 PhD, 9 academic associate professors, 43 members of the Union of Artists of the USSR and the Republic of Kazakhstan, 2 members of the Union of Designers of Republic of Kazakhstan, 1 Honored worker of RK, 8th "Cultural figure" of RK, 3 members of the Union of handicraftsmen, 3 winners of youth and republican awards, 1 winner of a youth award of KazSSR, 2 winners of the award "Daryn", 43 members of the union of artists and the union of designers of Kazakhstan.

The institute of arts, culture and sport conducts training in the following specialties of a bachelor degree:
1. «5B010700 - the Fine arts and drawing»- provides the training of specialists in the field of visual art, art work, graphics and design for pedagogical educational institutions and schools.
2. «5B041300 - Painting» - is awarded the academic degree of the bachelor of arts of painting, qualification of the artist-painter (the painter, the muralist). The graduate upon termination of higher education institution can hold the following positions: the artist-painter, the painter-teacher, the artist-restorer in all institutions of a system of culture, art and education; the muralist on different objects of architecture and a landscape, etc.
3. «5B042100-Design» - provides training of specialists for professional creative activity in the sphere of classical graphic art, art of the book, registration of printed printing products, animation and computer graphics, development of logos, systems and logos, design of calendars, posters, avenues and also design and transformation of an interior into esthetic and unique works of art. The institute prepares the designer schedules of the applied direction creating design developments of any degree of complexity at the high creative and professional level. Preparation on this specialty includes the following specializations: «Graphic design»; «Architectural design»; «Design of a suit»; «Design of the virtual worlds».
4. «5B041700-Decorative art» - is subdivided into specializations: «Art weaving»; «Art products from wood, metal and other materials». Decorative art acts as the sphere of professional activity of the bachelor of the industries of culture, art, education, creative workshops, manufacturing enterprises, firms of various forms of feature.
5. «5B010600-Music education» - conducts training of teachers for a profession of the music teacher and the teacher organizer of musical artwork, the teacherof additional education, the musical director of children`s preschool educational institution.
6. «5B040900-Choreography» - trains experts for following educational (pedagogical activity): the dance teacher in average educational institutions, colleges of arts, in educational institutions, schools of arts, studios, Palaces of culture, the children`s organizations, ensembles, preschool institutions and clubs (sports, rural, domestic on interests, etc.).
7. «5B010800-Physical culture and sport» - carries out training of highly qualified specialists in physical culture and sport, in general educational and intermediate educational institutions; trainer`s work in sports complexes on different types of sport of training, which arms with modern scientific-theoretical and methodological technologies for improvement and restoration of an organism.
8. «5B010400-Basic military training» - trains highly qualified personnel for teaching initial military preparation at high comprehensive schools and in average educational institutions; training in basics of life safety, and carrying out military patriotic education in educational institution in the system of Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


The closest attention is paid to development and improvement of a research component. The purpose of this direction is to create the harmonious system of continuous education where knowledge and abilities received within a bachelor degree have the logical continuation in a study format at Institute of a Master degree and PhD doctoral studies at Abay KAZNPU. For more than forty years of the existence the institute created its own school of sciences in the field of introduction to art and a technique of teaching the fine arts, interfacing scale of fundamental science and its applied character, allowing to be flexible and sympathetic in the conditions of the modernisation.

Educational programs of a master degree and PhDdoctoral studies of Institute of arts, culture and sport are implemented in the directions of preparation - scientific and pedagogical and profile - and provide the profound specialized vocational training allowing graduates to be engaged successfully subsequently in scientific, pedagogical, administrative and expert activity.

Training in the Magistracy in the following specialties is conducted:

- 6M010700 - the Fine arts and drawing;
- 6M041600 -Introduction to Art; 
- 6М 010800-Physical education and sport.

It is possible to receive the academic degree of the doctor of PhD in the specialty:

- 6D010700 - the Fine arts and drawing.

Studying at the Institute of arts, culture and sport gives an opportunity to realize the creativity practically and theoretically.

For this reason competences of graduates of Institute of arts, culture and sport at Abay KAZNPU are not limited only to a framework of the specialties specified in the diploma. The store of knowledge received during training, is capable to be shown in a pedagogical field in a format of the highest, average, professional educational institutions, public service and research work.

Our students perfect the creative and research skills, actively participating in various scientific and creative projects. They became winners of the international Shabyt festival, the republican competition «Serper», «Daryn», «Sheber», «ZhasZhldyz», etc. An annual international competition of young designers «Podium» and in applied art in Egypt, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Russia, Turkmenistan.