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 Almukhambetov Berikzhan
Director of the Institute
Doctor оf Pedagigical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the NAO RK named after Y.Altynsaryn
Tole bi str. 31
 +7 (727) 291-33-53


 Akzholova Aktoty Toleumuratovna
Deputy Director for Academic Affairs
Candidate of philological sciences, Associate Professor
Tole bi str.,31,


 Arynova Gulzhanar Gabitkyzy
Deputy director for educational work
Master of Pedagogical Sciences, senior Lecturer
Educational building №3, Tole bi str., 31
 8775883 44 05


 Uaidullakyzy Elmira
Senior Lecturer
PhD doctor
Tole bi str.,31


Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of the KazNPU named after Abai is one of the best national centers for educational psychologists, specialists on practical psychology, elementary school teachers, kindergarten teachers, social workers, teachers of special schools for children with developmental disabilities, teachers, self-knowledge.

The modern educational system is organically part of the educational environment of the Institute and is aimed at the formation of personality, which has a base of social culture, the ability to self-development and self-realization.

The institute established international co-operation in the development and introduction of new educational technologies, state education standards.

Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology was founded in 1999 on the basis of two faculties: defectology and Pedagogy and method of basic education. Headed the new chair candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor Koyanbayev R.M., he invested in the creation and establishment of the institute much effort. In memory of his contributions to the first Dean of the Faculty of his audience number 29 educational building named after him.

With much love and gratitude we remember the deceased veterans of pedagogical work, which left an imprint on the history of the Institute: Doctor of pedagogical sciences , Professor Sabirov T.S. (his name was given to the office 27), Ph.D., professor Karayev M.A., candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor Satkanova O.S., associate professor Zavalishin L.I.

In the period 2004 - 2008 years. Chair headed by doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor K.I. Adambekov .; then from 2008 to 2011. - Doctor of pedagogical sciences, Professor R.A. Shakhanova, Currently managed by Institute Doctor of pedagogical sciences , professor Serik MuKhtarovich Kenesbayev .

Material and technical base of the institute meets modern requirements. There is new equipment, computers, interactive whiteboards. Educational process is provided 2 cabinet of computer science and computer engineering, has access to the international information network, all computers are connected to a local network that provides high-quality basic training in computer science, as well as allowing students to master the technique of teaching in the primary grades.

The school building, which houses the Institute, there is a reading room with 40 seats, which collected more than 2,000 educational and scientific literature, materials, scientific and practical conferences. Currently, institutions created over a long period of strong tradition, has six departments and provides training for educational institutions of the republic on 6 specialties.

On the pedagogy-psychological institute has developed a creative team in the country known scientists, methodologists, teachers who successfully solve the problem of teacher training, defined regulations of the State Standards in the development of education, standard and working programs, is the author of textbooks for elementary school classes of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Every year a growing number of prospective students wishing to enroll in full-time and part-time department of the Institute on the mentioned specialties. This contributes to youth policy of the President of the country N.A. Nazarbayev, the first priority is to support young people. At the Institute of top students are actively involved in the public life of the university, appointed by the President of scholarships and fellowships of Ibray Altynsarin. Along with this, at the end of each session is well advanced students can win a grant to study the Rector, many students reduced fees for training.

Much attention is paid the university young people with disabilities and students from low-income families. So the students are provided with free hostel. Every year at the Institute more than 400 full-time students receive free space in the hostel.

Maximum interaction training and educational work is reflected in the research activities of the students, the result of which is to participate in the Republican contest of student research papers, competitions for grants, subject Olympiads.

Every year, the institute held a student scientific conferences in which students present their research results. Reports of the different problems posed relevance, novelty and practical importance, diversity of subjects. The best students of the Institute are the winners of the Republican contest of student research papers, received diplomas of the MES RK I, II, III degree, the first place to the Olympiads.
At the initiative of the rector of the university academician Pralieva S.Zh. since 2009 to enhance the educational work Institute introduced mentors. Using a variety of innovative technologies, teachers together with students planning educational activities, for example, to familiarize students with the internal regulations of the university, the ethical code of students and staff, holding supervisory hours, communication with parents of students, creating a favorable psychological climate in the group.
Traditionally, the Institute are literary evenings, meetings with prominent figures of science and art, debates, where the main criterion is academic achievement, active life and creativity of students. Powerful charge of spiritual development gives events such as visiting productions M.Auezov Academic Theater and G.Musrepov Theatre for Young Spectators, Zhambul Philharmonic concerts and Kazakhconcert, Kasteev Museum and State Museum.

The most important factor in the organization of life of the institute is the development of the student government. All areas of the educational work of the Institute allows students to accumulate positive experience of organization of the work with the children at school.



Brochure: Applicant -2017 Chair of General and Applied Psychology


Institute of Pedagogics and Psychological Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai trains highly qualified personnel for the vital sectors of society in 6 specialties: educational psychologists, psychologists theoretical and practical psychology, kindergarten teachers, primary school teachers, teachers of special schools for children with developmental disabilities.


Graduates receive a state diploma. The teaching process is organized in the Kazakh and Russian languages. Every year, full-time and correspondence courses are complete the training around 500 professionals. At the Faculty employs 150 teachers. Among them are well-known in the country, scientists, teachers: 19 doctors, 32 professors, 63 candidates, 33 associate professors, as well as highly qualified and experienced and professionals.


The Institute of the Department "General Education and Psychology" and "National education and self-knowledge" serve all disciplines of the university.

The Institute provides training in the following specialties:

Code of specialty

Appellation of specialty

 The academic degree


Elective UNT, CT


Pedagogy and Psychology

Bachelor  of Pedagogy and Psychology




Social pedagogy and self-knowledge

Bachelor of Social Pedagogy and self- knowledge





Bachelor of psychology

Practical Psychology



Pre-school education and training

Bachelor of Education in the specialty pre-school education and training




Pedagogy and methodology of primary education

Bachelor of Education in the specialty pedagogy and methodology of primary education

Foreign lang. (English) IT





Bachelor defectology

Speech therapy ASL pedagogy

Oligophrenic pedagogy

cecitis pedagogy


DEPARTMENT HAS FOUR graduate departments:


     Chair of General, age-related and social pedagogy prepares future teachers-psychologists, social workers and teachers for self-organization of special education, rehabilitation centers, etc.

     Chair of General and Applied Psychology provides training in the field of educational psychology, theoretical and practical psychology.

     Chair of theory and methods of primary and pre-school education offers diverse theoretical and methodological training of future primary school teachers and preschool teachers.

     Chair of Special Education prepares pathologists (speech therapists, teachers Surdo, Oligophrenic teachers cecitis teachers) who will be engaged in training, education, correction and development of children with disabilities.


Forms of study: full-time, part-time.

The Institute  provides students with the opportunity get for the correspondence department of the second higher education (2-year training).

Language of instruction: Kazakh, Russian. Duration of study:

4 years (full-time post-secondary education);

3 years (full-time, part-time on the basis of secondary education);

  2 years (part-time on the basis of higher education).

At delivery of introductory exam 4th profile subject - biology. Applicants submit an application to the University addressed to the Rector of the Institute and showing a degree (if there is, with a specialization).


List of required documents:

A copy of the identity card / passport /;

-school diploma / diploma ACT (college) / Diploma of Higher Education (original);

UNT certificate, CTA;

-6 Photo cards (3x4);

-med. reference number 086 (Fig. fluoroscopy);

-excerpt from the work book (for employees).

  Students have the opportunity to study at the military department

Dear Applicant,

Our institute is waiting for a quality education that meets modern standards

Pedagogical-psychological institute

Almaty, Tole bi number 31, tel: 2916432, 2918409

Responsible for the professional work by the faculty: Bauirzhan Zhankushkov

Mob: 87783537583

Selection committee:

Street, Almaty. Kazybek Bi 30

1st floor, 100, 114 cabinet.

Contact. tel: 8 (727) 291-73-71