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Educational and Methodological Activity

CED for the 2018/2019 academic year, specialty 5В040900 - Choreography

CED for the 2018/2019 academic year, specialty 5В010600 - Music education


CED for the 2017/2018 academic year, specialty 5В040900 - Choreography

CED for the 2017/2018 academic year, specialty 5В010600 - Music education

CED for the 2016/2017 academic year, specialty 5В040900 - Choreography

CED for the 2016/2017 academic year, specialty 5В010600 - Musical education

CED for the 2015/2016 academic year, specialty 5В040900 - Choreography

CED for the 2015/2016 academic year, specialty 5В010600 - Musical education


Educational and methodical work


The main directions of educational and methodical work of the Department of music education and choreography are:
1. Examination and approval of the Educational-methodical complex of discipline, individual working plans of the teaching staff, Educational programs in the specialties 5B010600 - «Music education» and 5B040900- «Choreography».
2. Approving a schedule of Internal educational control: Presentation lectures and Master Classes of the teaching staff.
3. Organization of open sessions of Department with their discussion
4. Discussion and clarification of hours and topics of disciplines and their compliance with the schedule, their analysis.
5. Implementation of structural monitoring of book supply in cooperation with the scientific library of Abai KazNPU
6. Control over the innovational technologies
7. Active participation of staff in scientific-methodical and practical conferences of various levels, courses to improve the professional level
8. Participation in the meetings of the Institute of arts, culture and sports
9. Preparation of a report on the work of the Educational methodical Council at the end of the school year.


In accordance with the order of the Minister of education and science of Kazakhstan E. Sagadiev №562 of October 12, 2018 on the basis of Abai KazNPU Republican Educational and Methodical Council (REMC) on the direction - 014 Teachers training of the general development with subject specialization (Music teachers training). functions at the Department.

The most important direction of educational and methodical activity of the Department is to update the working curriculum in the context of strengthening the practical importance of acquired knowledge and skills with the participation of employers, in the teaching of individual courses, adapted to the needs of musical and aesthetic education of the younger generation in modern school.

Authors of educational programs 2015, 2018 on the specialty 5B010600-«Music education» Akhmetova A., Balagazova S., Ibraeva K. which are currently being implemented as an experiment by students of the 4th year of admission 2015-2016 academic year, as well as the 1st year of 2018-2019 admission.

Staff of the Department have a number of innovative textbooks in the field of teaching methods of special musical disciplines.


Published textbooks of the teaching staff of the Department, recommended by the Republican educational methodical Council of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the specialty "Music education" (2015-2018):

- Choral class. (Textbook. - Almaty: «Ulagat», 2015. - 92p) - (authors: Balagazova S. T., Kakimova L. Sh.).
-The methodology of improvement of pedagogical technique of teacher of music. (Akhmetova, A. Textbook. - Almaty: «Ulagat», 2017. - 96 p.),
- Musically Bilim tarihi beru men teoriyasi. (Akhmetova, A.-Almaty: Ulagat", 2016. - 248 p.),
- «English for pre-Service music teachers» Almaty: Ulagat, 2017 (author K. Ibrayeva),
- «Music theory» (Aytuarova A. T.),
- Mombek A.A.,K. E. Ibraeva " Textbook for supervised practice.- Almaty: «Ulagat», 2016.


Educational-methodical tutorials

- «Syrly Auen» (author Malimbai S. T., 2017);
- «Theory and methods of work with the school choir» (author Dzheksembekova M. I.);

- «Folk ensemble» (author Baribaev S. B.).

Transcriptions of Kazakh songs and kyuis for folklore-ethnographic ensemble «Kuyi zhane tarbie», (author Mustafayev E. Zh.)

To ensure relevant content is systematically revised and supplemented lists of specialized, elective and practice-oriented disciplines. The basis of the implemented courses are the results of scientific and pedagogical research of teaching staff. So, the doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor Bekmukhamedov B. M., being the founder of the scientific school «Psychology of musical creative development of the future teacher-musician» (certificate issued by the Russian Academy of natural Sciences (Moscow, on 27.02.2012), has developed elective courses «Music psychology», «Creative development of the teacher-musician». Ibraeva K. E. has developed an elective course program "Theory and practice of musical performance" in English.

For the participation of teachers and students of the Department of music education and choreography in the formation and support, and the participation of external stakeholders in implementing the policy of providing quality educational programs through the participation of department in the specialty 5B010600-Music education (Mombek A. A., Dzheksembekova M. I., Akhmetova, A., Ibrayeva K. E..), members of the international scientific Council on music education (Votkinsk, Russia), academicians and members of the Academy of Sciences (Narikbaeva L. M., Dzheksembekova M. I., Bekmukhamedov B. M., Akhmetova A. K., , jury members of the international performing competitions (M. I. Dzheksembekova-jury member of the International Glier music competition, Moscow, 2017), Republican competitions of performing arts (Bekmukhamedov, B. M., Dosanova, U., Almaty, 2017).

Satisfaction of external stakeholders in the implementation of the policy of quality assurance of the educational program is expressed in the documents presented on the page of the Department-reviews, reviews of employers (N. Sarsembayeva, Kazieva N., 2018).

Cooperation and exchange of experience with universities implementing such educational programs is established with Zhetysu state University named after I. Zhansugurov, Kazakh national University of arts, Kazakh national Conservatory named after Kurmangazy and other regional universities (a total 8 universities).

Exchange of experience is due to the organization of joint scientific conferences, seminars, exhibitions of creative works of Department and students, internships, national competitions, etc. So, in particular, the staff of the Department Akhmetova A.K., Bekmukhamedov B. M.) worked as the Chairman of the state University of music in the specialty 5010600 - Music education of ZhSU named after I. Zhansugurov (2017, 2018); Ibraeva, K. E., Mombek, A.A., in the preparation of students for the Republican Olympiad (2016, Balagazova S. T; 2017; 2018-KNK named after Kurmangazy -Balagazova S. T., doctor of pedagogical Sciences Bekmukhamedov B., doctor of pedagogical Sciences Dzheksembekova M. I.


Refresher courses


Professional development courses in NIS (Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools)