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Batyrova Komus Islyamovna


Full name

Batyrova Komus Islyamovna

Year, month and day of birth

28 February 1959


1976-1981. Specialty: Chemical Biology Teacher qualification in «Biology/Chemistry high school»

Academic degree and title

1.Candidate of biological sciences


2. Associate Professor

Place of work and position after graduation

1981-1985-teacher of high school biology and chemistry of the Saratov region

1985-2018 senior laboratory assistant, post-graduate student, senior lecturer, associate professor of the Department of Anatomy, Physiology, Zoology and Life Safety

Scientific interests

The study of the morphology of parasites of the honey bee,
Methodology for conducting biology lessons on the updated program


The author is the State Standard of Compulsory Education, specialty 5B011300-Biology (2006, 2009, 2010, 2011)

More than 10 standard programs were developed (zoology, introduction to biology, professional language, field practice in zoology and others).

Textbook Zoology of Invertebrates (electronic textbook, 2015)

Textbook «Introductionin Biology» (2016, 20 pages.)

Zoology of invertebrates (electronic edition, copyright certificate, 2015)

Zoology of vertebrates (electronic atlas, an inventor`s certificate 2018)

Zoology of vertebrates (electronic atlas, 2018)

Teaching aids

«Field practice on zoology of invertebrates» (russian, kazakh, english.) (2018)

Dictionary  of terms and concepts on the course of Zoology (2018)

Zoology - 1 (Methodical instructions for laboratory works on zoology of invertebrates) (2018).

Participation in research projects


Since when she working at the Department

2015 Department of Anatomy, Physiology, Zoology and Life Safety

Public work

Member of the Appeals Commission of the Unified People`s Testing,
Member of the Academic and Methodological Association of the Institute

Contact information











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