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Intellectual competition «ІQ - Alaman»

On March 29, 2019 the Kazakh National Women`s Teacher Training University hosted an intellectual competition «IQ-Alaman» among the students, organized under the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev`s article «Look into the future: the modernization of public consciousness» and dedicated to the Year of Youth.


The competition consisted of two stages:
I-STAGE. Exhibition «Smart Technologies - The Possibility of Digital Era» (Each team, as homework, should present their  «Smart Technology» models as the implementation of the tasks outlined in the Nation Address by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan «New opportunities under the fourth industrial revolution»).
II-STAGE competitions: «IQ-Linguist», «IQ-Typist», «Magic square», «IQ-Detective».

From our university the team «Smart Dreams» took part in this competition. In the intellectual competition «IQ-Alaman» the team «Smart dreams» took the third place. Smart Technology the robot-performer developed by this group and intended for training in algorithms, took the 1st place.

Team members: the 3rd year students of the specialty «5B011100 - Computer science» Tulendy Aigerim, Bastygozha Akadil, Abil Zhanibek.

Leaders: Head of the Department of «Computer Science and Informatization of education», Doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Yessen Bidaybekov, Senior Lecturer Indira Salgozha, teacher Nurbol Abishev, Pedagogical Stem-Park member Nurlanbek Nurullayev.









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