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Scientific and research activity

    At this time, there are four departments in the Institute, which are headed by well-known scientists in the field of mathematics, physics and computer science. about 100 teachers work at the Institute, including 27 Doctor of Sciences, 50 Candidates of Sciences, and 7 PhDdoctors.

    Scientific and pedagogical activity of the institute is aimed at solving urgent problems related to the theory and methodology of teaching mathematics, physics and computer science, as well as the introduction of new information and communication technologies in the education system.

    The issue of developing and adapting pedagogical software for national schools has been singled out as one of the main ones and is in the zone of close attention of the staff of the in institute.

    Since 2018, the institute. has been actively developing theoretical and practical approaches to the creation and maintenance of the digital university. Another priority of the institutes research is the STEM-education - the association of sciences, aimed at the development of new technologies, innovative thinking, the provision of well-trained engineering personnel. Innovative technologies are being introduced for the development of robotics and mechatronics into the system of higher and postgraduate education in Kazakhstan. At the institute functions a scientific and methodical seminar «Informatization of education and the problem of education» under the guidance of Professor Y.Y. Bidaibekov. successfully works.. The dissertational council on defending dissertations for awarding the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), doctor in profile 6D011100-Education (computer science) was opened, chairman of the Council - professor Y.Y. Bidaibekov.

    In institute is functioned the Council for the defense of dissertations for the PhD in profile 6D010000 - «Education (mathematics, physics, informatics, chemistry, biology, geography)» and since 2018 works the Council for profile 6D010000 - «Education (mathematics, physics)», chairman of the Council - professor A.E. Abylkassymova. At the institute there is a scientific-methodical seminar «Didactic-methodical bases of teaching physical-mathematical disciplines in school and university», under the guidance of Professor A.E. Abylkassymova successfully works.

    The scientific-methodical seminar «Modern problems of differential equations of mathematical and computer modeling» under the guidance of Professor Berdyshev A.S. successfully works.

    Seminar of the department «Physics» under the guidance of Dr. Sc. V. Kosov.

    Scientific and practical conferencesare organized for bachelors, master students and PhD, on which it is possible to report their results on scientific research and further participate in republican scientific competitions. Students take prizes in republican scientific competitions and subject Olympiads, actively participate in scientific and public life of the university. Therearemanyscientific societies, sport sections, clubs of humors.

    The Institute is located in a separate building. Its auditorium includes educational and lecture audiences, 10 computer classes, 12 educational laboratories of physical and technical profile, a reading room and an electronic resources hall, an assembly hall and STEM-Park. The international scientific laboratory of the problems of informatization of education and educational technologies is working.


    Grants of MES RK and the Rector of Abai KazNPU

    Scientific publications