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On January 26, 2017 on the basis of international engineering and technical cluster the fourth megalesson on «Computer networks» theme was conducted with participation of educational institutions of Kazakhstan and Russia. The purpose of the megalesson was in detail to acquaint pupils with history of creation and development of computer networks, and to study addressing methods.

Pupils knowledge on the history of creation and development of computer networks was actualized with help of time line, prepared in Timetoast, where pupils looked through important dates, acquainted with additional information, and executed tasks in LearningApps.

The second part of the megalesson was dedicated to studying of addressing methods in computer networks, solution of computational tasks for identifying the network address, computer number within the network and so on.

As usual, the pupils worked in mini groups, teachers and tutors answered their questions, and the groups responses were fixed in Google table. At the end of the megalesson the chief coordinator of the international engineering and technical cluster candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor of Computer science and information technology in education of Krasnoyarsk state pedagogical university named after V.P. Astafiev M.A. Sokol skaya announced the results of the schools, and according to the results school-lyceum Turan was the first. Also, it should be noted that the third group of the school-lyceum Turan, including Uteuliev G., and Fominykh L. were the first who coped with all tasks and scored maximum points. 

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