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On December 22, 2016 on the basis of international engineering and technical cluster a megalesson on «Applied software» theme was conducted with participation of educational institutions of Kazakhstan and Russia.

Pupils were given a possibility of working with applied software of various directions: 2D and 3D graphics, creation of site and presentation, development of learning elements, work with video files, creation of charts and diagrams, work with sound, design and layout of building interior, programming.

Pupils were given a task to prepare complete instruction of the usage of chosen by them software from the presented directions for the megalesson. Teachers and tutors supported them while preparing instructions. At the megalesson pupils worked with instructions, prepared by pupils from another schools. So, pupils were given an opportunity to acquaint and work with interesting and entertaining applied software, such as CompoZER, Synfig Studio, Prezi, SketchUp, PaintTool SAI, Inkscape, Gimp, Blender, LearningApps, Audacity, Planner5d.

It should be noted that pupils showed a big interest and high motivation while working with various applied software. Also, a special form of conducting lesson - in megaclass format with distance connection with schools from Russia has left a good affect.


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