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The List of Diploma Projects

1. Formation of the multicultural linguistic personality through the Internet communication in the process of foreign languages teaching.
2. Teaching PR-text in a foreign language in spheres of advertising and public relations to students of non-linguistic Universities.
3. Formation of lingua-multimedia competence of students of linguistic specialties through the use of educational online-resources.
4. Formation of Intercultural communicative competence on the basis of thematic and textual unity of students of non-linguistic Universities.
5. Formation of Intercultural communicative competence in the context of innovative activity in foreign language education.
6. Lingua-cultural aspects in the formation of second language consciousness in the process of foreign languages teaching.
7. Formation of key competences of FL teachers through the use ofproblem-situational technologiesof foreign language education.
8. Formation of intercultural communicative competence by means of E-mail technology.
9. Integrative and reflective approach in the formation of professional competence of foreign language teacher in system of continuous professional foreign language education.
10. Problem-dialogic teaching of foreign language communication at profile-oriented stage of foreign language education.
11. Formation of students` intercultural-communicative competence in teaching foreign language (Level C1)
12. Formation of students` linguo-cultural competence through audio-visual technology
13. Formation of students` grammatical competence in using new technologies in the process of teaching foreign languages.
14. Formation of writing skills on the basis of internet classes in teaching foreign language
15. The formation of lingua-cultural competence of future foreign language teacher in training him to intercultural communication.
16. Formation of learning-cognitive competence on the basis of CLIL
17. Effectivness of questioning in formation of communicative competency in modern foreign language education
18. The role of foreign culture in foreign language education