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 Kosherbayeva Aygerim Nuralievna
Head of the Chair
Doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor
Kazybek Bi str., 30


The Chair of pedagogy and psychology was founded in 2009/2010 academic year called "Chair of pedagogical and psychological specialties" and functioned until 2014 as part of the Institute of Magistracy and PhD doctoral studies at Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University. It joined the Institute of pedagogy and psychology on November 1, 2014.

The chair trained masters of pedagogical sciences and PhD doctors on the the following specialties until 2015/2016 academic year :
- Preschool teaching and education (6M010100, 6D010100)
- Pedagogy and methods of primary education (6М010200, 6D010200)
- Pedagogy and Psychology (6M010300, 6D010300)

From September 2015 to the present, the Chair in the structure of the above-mentioned Institute operates under the name "Chair of pedagogy and psychology" and provides training in educational programs of bachelors, masters, PhD doctors in a single system (5B010300, 6M010300, 6D010300).

Since the formation of chair, it has been headed by the well-known doctors of pedagogical sciences in the republic. They are: Professor Turgynbaeva Botagul Altaevna - 2009-2014, Professor Abdigapbarova Ulzharkyn Muslimovna - 2014-2017. Professor Kosherbaeva Aygirim Nuralievna - since September 1, 2017 and up to the present time.

Solid teaching staff of the Department is represented by doctors, candidates of pedagogical and psychological sciences, PhD doctors, masters. They are awarded for services in the development of psychological and pedagogical education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Such as: badge of S.Altynsarin - 4, badge of K.D. Ushinsky-1, badge "excellence in education" -6," for services in the development of science"- 4, badge of "Honorary worker of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan " - 4.

Evidence of the positive dynamics of the personnel potential of the Chair is that five (5) teachers are the owners of the grant of MES RK "the Best teacher of the University", 1 - academician of the IASPE; 2 - academician of the international Academy of scientific and pedagogical education.

Since the foundation of the chair, it worked with leading scientists in the field of pedagogy and psychology, the holders of state grants, national and international awards. They are: Beisenbaeva A. A., Kusainov A. K., Namazbayeva Z. I., Amirov A. S., I. R. Khalitova, A. E. Menkes, N. Zhienbaeva.B., Kargowa G. M., Alimov A. K., Kosanov B. M. etc.

The growth of the scientific potential of the chair can be seen in the improvement of personnel, multi-methodical activities. Currently, the chair employs the holders of the international grant "Bolashak", who studied at the best universities in the UK, they have passed scientific internships in countries such as America, Germany, Spain (head of the chair, Professor A. N. Kosherbaeva and master Dosmailov A. B.), and holders of State awards of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of science, technology and education, Professor, with experience in scientific and educational activities abroad: Turgynbaeva B. A., Khan N. N., Sarybaev O. S., Sarsenbaeva L. O., Abdygapbarova U. M., Aganina K. J., Absatova M. A., Kalimoldaev A. K., candidates of pedagogical and psychological sciences, doctor of PhD: Abdrakhmanova R. B., Zhandybaeva T. N., Ibraimova Zh. K., Abdullayeva G. O., Ormanova Z. K., Usenova A. M. and others, masters with practical experience Agybay K. E., Djaksynbayeva J. T., Sahieva L. M.

Scientific and educational activities of the staff of the chair can be traced in the training of future specialists. More than 600 postgraduates and 43 PhD doctoral students have been prepared in addition to undergraduate students at the chair in pedagogy and social sciences. Graduates of the chair successfully work in educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad.

Multi-aspect activity of the chair is carried out in the direction of teaching, research, educational work. The chair has an extended scientific and methodological seminar. Significant reports, the results of research studies of domestic and foreign scientists were presented during the work of the seminar.

Currently, the staff of the chair is working on improving the scientific and methodical base, preparing educational programs, actively involved in their improvement. In the academic year 2017-2018, professors of the chair A. N. Kosherbaeva, N. N. Khan, L. O. Sarsenbayeva, T. N. Zhundybaeva participated in the preparation of the educational program "5B010300 - "Pedagogy and psychology" at the level of the Republic.

Another indicator of the high rating of the chair "Pedagogy and psychology" is the participation of its leading professors in the work of scientific councils. Since 2011 at KazNPU named after Abai, Dissertation Council is opened on pedagogical disciplines with the degree of PhD doctor by the decision of the Ministry of education and science of Republic Kazakhstan. The scientific Council was headed in different years by the professors of the chair: Turgynbaeva B. A. - 2011-2014, Abdygapparova U. M. in 2015. The Deputy Chairman of the dissertation Council is Professor Kosherbaeva A. N. from April 2017. Other Professors of the chair successfully work as part of the dissertation councils of other universities of Kazakhstan ( They are: Sarybaev O. C., Aganina K. J., etc.).

One of the most important initiatives of the chair can be called the launch of the experimental educational program "Management in education" (master`s Degree) in 2017-2018 academic years. Currently, activities are being carried out to improve the program and its further development.
Image from the point of view of international partnerships should be called training at the chair of the project on the implementation of joint educational activities with the Moscow state pedagogical University (Russia). The project will be implemented in 2018-2019 academic year under the educational program for postgraduate students "Pedagogical measurements". Thus, the chair of Pedagogy and psychology has launched a new educational program on the type of consortium.

It should be emphasized the activities carried out on multilingual education at the chair, since 2012 - 2013 academic year in the framework of the master`s program. In this direction, training is conducted in Kazakh, Russian, English.

In 2016 - 2017, the Department has passed the international accreditation and specialty "Pedagogy and psychology" (bachelor - master) received a document certifying the passage of international accreditation. It is significant that since 2014 in the ranking of universities the chair of "Pedagogy and psychology" is on the 3rd place. According to the external evaluation of educational achievements of the MES, students of bachelor`s degree in "Pedagogy and psychology" took second place in the country.

According to the national rating the specialty "Pedagogy and psychology" of Abai KazNPU takes the second place in the framework of the bachelor`s degree and third place in master`s degree among the higher educational institutions of the country in 2016/2017, 2017/2018 academic years among the popular specialties. At the same time, undergraduate students, postgraduates and PhD students of the chair receive prizes in the national subject Olympiads, showing the best results, thanks to the development of modern psychological and pedagogical knowledge at the level of international standards. Graduates of the chair are prepared with scientific knowledge according to the standards and advanced traditions of higher education. They are competent and come out with specialists who are able to compete in the international educational space.