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Elimination of academic debt


Academic student debt is the result of a low rating on the discipline, getting poor grades in exams or to appear for the exam. Learner in this case is not gaining necessary for completion of the current academic period credits. Front Desk directs the dean of the Faculty of summary statements with the final results of the assessment of students` knowledge, which are identified by students having academic debt.


When teacher absenteeism guide students to the dean for obtaining admission. In the dean`s office on this occasion make an entry in the Journal issue tolerances for classes. Do students receive an explanation in writing or a certificate confirming the absence of the classroom for good reason. After establishing the cause of absenteeism dean`s office decides whether or not to extradite admission to employment.

Dean`s Office provides access to employment on the basis of:

- Presented explanatory;

- Objective evidence presented good cause absenteeism (ex.agenda the draft board)


With a significant amount of absences without a valid reason, the dean`s office has the right to submit an application fee or deny student scholarships. Expulsion of students is made by the order of the Rector.


If a student has missed a number of non-critical lessons for objective reasons (eg illness), he is given the opportunity to master the course material

- To call the student`s parents;

- interview with a mentor

Educational activities should be aimed at establishing the causes of absenteeism. In case of problems related to social conditions, mentor as corrective action may file a request to the dean`s office to improve these conditions.


In case of unsatisfactory evaluation, the control iotsenki knowledge:

- Students who do not have a positive evaluation rating tion tolerance academic discipline are not allowed to interim certification ( exam );

- Students who do not pass coursework, are not allowed for the examination in the relevant discipline ;

- In some cases ( due to illness , family and work circumstances , provided that the supporting information , certificate of incapacity

- For working students of correspondence courses ) learner is allowed to pass exams on individual schedules ;

- to retake the exam with an assessment of "unsatisfactory" on the positive , the student is given the opportunity in the next academic term or semester in the summer after re- examine records relevant disciplines on a fee basis , to meet the requirements of current, boundary control , and gain admission to pass final inspection . According to the results of the current , boundary and total control of knowledge mentor group finds causes for student absences or poor performance . Mentor in conjunction with the dean , faculty mentors Council organizes the necessary assistance to students do not have time for a good reason . Later mentor supervises the execution of the planned activities and their effectiveness.


Instructor who conducts training sessions , also controls the process of eliminating student academic debt . To this end, the teacher :

- Appoint , if necessary, for consultations ;

- Organizes reception castings , if necessary;

- Appoints interim certification deadline on an individual schedule (in case the student inquiries about supporting a good cause absenteeism exam);

- Conducts re-certification of the intermediate;

- Keeps the necessary records (log sheet boundary control, interim certification).


A student who has received final certification for a failing grade, will be deducted from the University with the issuance of a certificate as not completed higher vocational education.

A student who does not pass the final certification, order of the rector of the University is allowed to re-final certification of the next school year.

Repeated final examination is conducted only on those of its forms, which in the previous final examination the student will receive an unsatisfactory rating.

Permanent records are being analyzed (boundary control statements, interim certification) in order to identify the causes of arrears. This work provides the dean`s office.


Recommended for this analysis, statistical methods. If 80% of a group of students debt associated with one discipline, it is necessary:

- inform the relevant head of department;

- Analyze the distribution of debtors by teachers of the discipline , and if 80 % of the debts belong to the same teacher , the further search for causes should be maintained in the current teacher ;

- Conduct a survey / questionnaire students as achievers and slow learners ;

- To conduct an internal audit to target training and methodological support discipline, criteria and evaluation methods ;

- If necessary, conduct unscheduled open class ;

- If necessary, hold an open meeting with representatives of the Department of the deanery dedicated the causes of atypical students and debt decision on corrective actions. The cause of the discrepancies must be installed exactly that can not be established general causes.


Corrective actions should be developed and implemented immediately . Monitor the implementation of corrective action rests with the Head of Department .

If the cause of the debt associated with the work of a particular teacher , he proposed to develop corrective action and eliminate the mismatch . For example, if the problem is in the competence of the teacher , you must send it to the refresher courses.

If the learner to state educational grant receives the requisite number of credits provided by the working curriculum, he is entitled to re-examination of relevant disciplines for a fee

Students who have academic debts are not subject to expulsion .