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101519International Scientific and Practical Conference «The image of independent Kazakhstan inopen
102519Kazakhstan-Russia Research Workshop in Educationopen
103519Holders of vacant educational grants released in the process of higher educationopen
104518Round table «Spiritual modernization - the basis of the integrity of the native land and the fopen
105516 International Workshop «Development of the system of internal quality assurance in universitopen
106514Invitation to the EAEU Expert Schoolopen
107513The ceremony of awarding diplomas to the graduates "Bilimmen - Bolashakka!"open
108513Competition of modern youth projects and ideas «Project START»open
109513Festival «Only the noble ones are grateful»open
110513 International online webinaropen
111512Сompetition is announced for participation in the Academic Mobility Program for the 2018-2019 academopen
112512Religious Literacy Decadeopen
113511 The most «English» competition!open
114511We invite you to a free webinaropen
115509«Path to Success»open
116508Almaty will host the I International Forum «Modern trends in teacher education»open
117507Lectures of the Moscow scientistopen
118505International Scientific-theoretical conference "Problems of poetics and prosody VIII"open
120500Competition «Urker-Umit»open
121500Master class from the company IPR MEDIAopen
122500Week of the Department of Pedagogyopen
123496An extended meeting «Improving the system of pedagogical education» will be heldopen
124496Online seminar «Actual problems of training in the modern education system»open
125494Study in Japanopen
126493Scholarship programs «Abaі-Vern» and «Make Our Planet Great Again»open
127492Meeting with Kuralai Nurkadilovaopen
128491At Abai KazNPU will be held the defense of the PhD thesis for the degree of PhD Doctor of Lyazopen
129491 «The spelling rules of the Kazakh language on the basis of the new alphabet: writing the letopen
131490Online-seminar «Actual problems of training in the modern education system» open
132489Mevlana Exchange Program at Marmara Universityopen
133488«How to choose a profession...?»open
134486At Abai KazNPU will be held the defense of thesis work for the degree of PhD Doctor of Nurdana Salybopen
135486Lecture of a graduate of KazNPU «Uly Abaydyn kozkarasindaguy tolyk adam»open
136485 The fund of the library KazNPU received 5085 booksopen
137483A proposal for a master`s scholarship programopen
138483We invite you to take part in the international scientific-practical conferenceopen
139482The IX Students and Young Scientists International Scientific Conference «University Sport: Naopen
140481Decade dedicated to the Day of Science and the 120th anniversary of K. Satpayevopen
141480«Zhana bіlіm» invites to cooperationopen
142480Exhibition of the artist Makhsat Kantarbaeva in the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstopen
144475New staff to a New Higher Schoolopen
145474At KazNPU n.a. Abai will be held the defense of the thesis work for the degree Doctor of Philosophy open
146471At Abai KazNPU will be held the defense of thesis work for the degree of PhD Doctor of K.M. Bekopen
147471Completely free education in Hungary! open
148469Tournament for the Rector`s Cup «ABAI UNIVERSITY CUP»open
149469Meeting with the Rector in the format of «Open Space»open
150468The defense of the PhD thesis for the degree of PhD Doctor of Ospanbekov Erbol will be held at Abay open

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