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201304At Abai KazNPU will be held the defense of thesis work for the degree of PhD Doctor of A.B. Tasopen
203302On 16-18 March 2017 at the Chair of "Common and Applied Psychology"  will be held scientific-propen
204302At KazNPU n.a. Abai will be held the defense of the thesis work for the degree of Doctor of Philosopopen
205301International scientific-practical conference «Sadykov Readings-V» open
206301The meeting of the «round table» of directors of schools in Almaty and the regionopen
207300Presentation of the books of scientists of Abai KazNPU about the history of the university  open
208299At Abai KazNPU will be held the defense of thesis work for the degree of PhD Doctor of Gulzhakhopen
211297At the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai wiil be held defense of the dissertatopen
212297Trial testing of EALAopen
213297 Erasmus + Mobility Scholarship Program for the 2018-2019 school yearopen
214297Tournament for the Rector`s Cup «ABAI UNIVERSITY CUP»open
215297Religious Literacy Decadeopen
216296At KazNPU n.a. Abai will be held the defense of the thesis work for the degree of Doctor of Philosopopen
217296Opening of a memorial plaque dedicated to the memory of Professor Zhunusbek Zhumabekovich Zhumabekovopen
218295Results of the II round of the competitive selection under the program of external academic mobilityopen
219294January 25th, 2016 at 14.00  chair of General Pedagogy  carries out methodological seminaropen
220294Video instruction for directors open
221293On 13 February 2017, at 11.00 am at the Chair of Pedagogy will take place a methodological seminar-open
222293 World history department  invites you to take part in work of the international scientifiopen
223293Electronic Library  System IPRbooks on the basis of Abai KazNPU  will pass free master claopen
224293The results of the competitive selection for training on the state educational order in the magistraopen
225293The program of work of foreign consultant of senior lecturer of A.I. Herzen Russian State Pedagogicaopen
226293 International online webinaropen
229292 Participation in the competition for a grant under the program of the konrad adenauer foundation Sopen
230292Decade «Self-knowledge: pedagogy of love and creativity»open
231292Scholarship programs «Abaі-Vern» and «Make Our Planet Great Again»open
233290 Republican Seminar for teachers of chemistry, biology and geographyopen
234290April 5, 2016 Сhair of methodology of teaching philological disciplines Institute of Philology , Abaopen
235290For all, who is going to enter to a Master`s course of Sorbonne-Kazakhstan Institute in the followiopen
237290Lecture of Ambassador of the Republic of Poland open
238290 Еxchange program «Mevlana»open
241287Sh.Ualikhanov Kokshetau State University from 24 up to April 26, 2014 holds in Kokshetau traditionalopen
242287The project «Ecological clubs» startsopen
243287 «The spelling rules of the Kazakh language on the basis of the new alphabet: writing the letopen
244287 The Republican subject Olympiad «Abai syiy-2019» open
245286On 7 April, 2017, at Abai KazNPU will be the lecture of Oleg А. Lekmanov, Doctor of Philological Sopen
246286Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai invites you to take part in the forum of youopen
247286 Volunteer club «Meyrіm» holds a round tableopen
248285Abai KazNPU announces competition to attract foreign specialists from the top management of higher eopen
250285International friendly football match open

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