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3110117Department of pre-university trainingopen
3110217Information about the psychological testopen
3110317Department of pre-university trainingopen
3110417Educational processopen
3110617Educational processopen
3110717Educational programs of specialtiesopen
3110817Educational processopen
3110917Scientific and research activityopen
3111017Educational processopen
3111117Awards and achievementsopen
3111217Awards and achievementsopen
3111317Scientific and research activityopen
3111417Basic Documentsopen
3111517Educational programs of specialtiesopen
3111617Scientific and research activityopen
3111717Normative documentsopen
3111817Awards and achievementsopen
3111917Student Lifeopen
3112017Student Lifeopen
3112117Institute of History and Lawopen
3112217Institute of History and Lawopen
3112317Student Lifeopen
3112417Institute of History and Lawopen
3112517Student Lifeopen
3112617Institute of History and Lawopen
3112717Student Lifeopen
3112817Student Lifeopen
3112917Student Lifeopen
3113017Institute of History and Lawopen
3113117Student Lifeopen
3113217Student Lifeopen
3113317Institute of History and Lawopen
3113417Institute of History and Lawopen
3113517Institute of History and Lawopen
3113617Student Lifeopen
3113717Institute of History and Lawopen
3114017Student Lifeopen
3114117Student Lifeopen
3114217Student Lifeopen
3114317Student Lifeopen
3114417Institute of Pedagogy and Psychologyopen
3114517Institute of Natural Sciences and Geographyopen
3114617Institute of Natural Sciences and Geographyopen
3114717Institute of Natural Sciences and Geographyopen
3114817KazNPU International open
3114917KazNPU International open
3115017KazNPU International open

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