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3055110Analysis and assessment of the quality of education departmentopen
3055210Student Lifeopen
3055310Student Lifeopen
3055410Student Lifeopen
3055510Student Lifeopen
3055610Student Lifeopen
3055710Applicants for academic degreesopen
3055810Security Serviceopen
3055910SIP Structural subdivisionsopen
3056010Department of pre-university trainingopen
3056110Information Resources Divisionopen
3056210International Cooperationopen
3056310The List of Diploma Projectsopen
3056410Scientific projectsopen
3056510Documents of educationsopen
3056610Admission regulationsopen
3056710Best Teacheropen
3056810Reference - guide book of studentopen
3056910Ranking 2017open
3057010Ranking 2015open
3057110Best Teacheropen
3057210Structural unitsopen
3057310Student Lifeopen
3057410The mission of the universityopen
3057510Student Lifeopen
3057610Student Lifeopen
3057710Scientific projectsopen
3057810Chair of technology teaching of natural sciencesopen
3057910The List of Diploma Projectsopen
3058010Ranking 2013open
3058110International Cooperation open
3058210Scientific clubopen
3058310Портал олимпиады «Абай сыйы»open
3058410Conducting of complex testingopen
3058510About usopen
3058610KazNPU International open
3058710KazNPU International open
3058810KazNPU International open
3058910KazNPU International open
3059010KazNPU International open
3059110KazNPU International open
3059210KazNPU International open
3059310KazNPU International open
3059410KazNPU International open
3059510KazNPU International open
3059610KazNPU International open
3059710Institute of Natural Sciences and Geographyopen
3059810KazNPU International open
3059910About usopen
3060010Awards and Achievements of the Chairopen

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