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2700123Institute of Natural Sciences and Geographyopen
2700223Student Lifeopen
2700323Student Lifeopen
2700423KazNPU International open
2700523Student Lifeopen
2700623Student Lifeopen
2700723Student Lifeopen
2700823Student Lifeopen
2700923Student Lifeopen
2701023Student Lifeopen
2701123Student Lifeopen
2701223Student Lifeopen
2701323Student Lifeopen
2701423Student Lifeopen
2701523Student Lifeopen
2701623Student Lifeopen
2701723Student Lifeopen
2701823Student Lifeopen
2701923Student Lifeopen
2702023Student Lifeopen
2702123Institute of Natural Sciences and Geographyopen
2702223KazNPU International open
2702323About Universityopen
2702423About Universityopen
2702523Student Lifeopen
2702623Student Lifeopen
2702723Student Lifeopen
2702823Scientific and research activityopen
2702923Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Informaticsopen
2703023Schedule of lessensopen
2703123Schedule of lessensopen
2703223Academic Councilopen
2703323The mission of the universityopen
2703423Strategy and development programsopen
2703523Version for visually impaired personsopen
2703623Structural unitsopen
2703723Structural unitsopen
2703823Structural unitsopen
2704023About Universityopen
2704123Regulatory and legal documentsopen
2704223«Code of Academic» honestyopen
2704323International teamopen
2704423International Programmesopen
2704523International teamopen
2704623Best teacher of the Universityopen
2704723International teamopen
2704823Sorbonne - Kazakhstan Instituteopen
2704923Institute of History and Lawopen
2705023Scientific eventsopen

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