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Educational and Methodological Activity

The percent of subject matters of the main educational programs provided with educational and methodical complexes for foreign students makes 100%. Working programs for training of listeners of preparatory groups on specialties are improved and processed: "The Kazakh language", "Russian", and also on training of bachelors in the specialty 5B012200 - "Russian and literature at schools with non-russian language of training" with specialization "Russian as foreign language ". Teachers of chair modernize the existing EMCD, and also create new at the courses entered into educational process.
In the organization of educational activity play the textbooks, educational, educational and methodical grants released by teachers of chair within each academic year large role.
Teachers of chair Begaliyeva S.B., Bruleva F.G., Toktarova T.Zh., Kazabeeva V.A., Nurakhunova G. M. are authors of school textbooks of new generation for comprehensive schools.
Teaching staff of chair uses innovative methods of training: educational and creative projects, group presentations, game technologies, computer and information technologies, elements of the differentiated training, a method of use of associative images, methods of immersion, creation of a subject and circuit code of texts, a method of a round table that promotes activization of educational activity of students foreigners, creates the atmosphere of freedom of creative process.
Teachers of chair annually take advanced training courses of teachers of pedagogical specialties of higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan; courses by a technique of training of foreigners in Russian, innovative methods of training, scientific training in the Russian higher education institutions and abroad (the People`s Republic of China, the Beijing institute of foreign languages); Almaty, Astana, Moscow participate in republican and international seminars in.
14.04.2015 online occupation together with teachers of the Moscow state regional university took place (Russian Federation). Occupation subject "Technique of teaching Russian".
To 2014-2015 uch.goda teachers of chair carried out a complex of lessons at school No. 54 (Almaty) with demonstration of innovative methods of training ("Travel across Almaty-virtual excursion" on Kazabeev V.A. subject "Numerals"., Aytkazina T.T., Balgazina B. S.; "Proper names and nominal" Begaliyeva S.B., Aliyevа D. A., Mamytbekova L.K.)
The meeting with teachers and pupils of school No. 54 with authors of textbooks on Russian of new generation (Bruleva F.G., Begaliyeva S.B., Kazabeevа V.A., Toktarova T.Zh.)
Teachers of chair prepared abstracts of lectures on disciplines of chair, a task for a practical training. Are processed, discussed on chair and lists of questions and tickets for all examinations provided in the curriculum are approved. On chair work on creation of multimedia presentations to lectures on linguistic and literary disciplines is conducted.
Every year teachers of chair attend lectures and a practical training of the colleagues. This kind of activity allows to discuss forms of occupations, examinations; to analyse shortcomings and to share methodical experience, especially in respect of the organization of interactive forms of work with students.
On chair according to the approved plan meetings of a scientific and methodical seminar (the chairman - professor Bruleva F.G.), on which various aspects of training of the teacher of the Kazakh language and literature, the teacher of Russian and literature are considered (methodical and staffing of specialty, quality of conducting occupations, material security etc.) At meetings and seminars the priority directions in theoretical and practical aspects are discussed; messages on new technologies of training in language and literature and possibility of their use in teaching etc. are heard. Teachers of chair at scientific and methodical meetings discuss questions of continuous linguistic education of students, of use of TSO, multimedia means and Internet resources when teaching linguistic disciplines (the Kazakh language, Russian) and literary disciplines. At faculty meetings and meetings of a scientific and methodical seminar the analysis of educational and methodical activity, the current progress on disciplines of chair is regularly carried out. The question of security of educational process with methodical grants, methodical instructions and practical works is annually considered.