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Life of Chair

Meeting with poetry

  On 8 November,  2017 at Abai KazNPU with the participation of the Council for Russian Literature of the Writers Union of the Republic of Kazakhstan  took place a presentation of  book of the famous Kazakhstan poet and literary critic Tamara MADZIGON (1940-1982) "The outline of life. Poems. Translations. Articles and research" / Compilers S. Shubin, V. Savelyeva. - Almaty: Zhazushy, 2017.
The meeting was opened by the Head  the Russian Language and Literature department, Doctor of Philological sciences, Professor Saule Dzhunusovna Abisheva. She presented presenters of the book - Professor of the Department of Russian Language and Literature Vera V. Savelev and Sergei I. Shubin, thanks to them works  today`s literary event took place.
Famous Kazakh writers Adolf Artsishevsky, Aslan Zhaksylykov, Bakhyt Kairbekov, Valery Mikhailov, Umit Tazhikenova, Tatyana Frolovskaya, Nadezhda Chernova and others took part in the roundtable discussion.
The creativity of the poet Tamara Matsigon was also spoken by scholars and literary critics - Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor Galina Muchnik and Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor Ulbolsyn K. Abisheva.
The 2nd year course students prepared a presentation about the creative destiny of the poet, scientist and teacher. There were fragments from the responses to Tamara Madzigon`s works of the greatest contemporary poets David Samoilov, Alexander Kushner, Yuri Dombrovsky. The widow of the remarkable writer Yu. Dombrovsky, Clara Turumova-Dombrovskaya, participated in this meeting in absentia: she sent her memoirs about student friendship with Tamara Mikhailovna. Another response to the book was received from the poetess, adviser to the Chairman of the Moscow City Organization of the Writers Union of Russia, Nina Popova.
The sincere intonation of the conversation about the generous man and the great poet infected the young participants of this evening. Among them - students, undergraduates and doctoral students of the Institute of Philology and Multilingual Education, as well as "students of our students" - students of the Innovation Technical College, who also read poetry of Tamara Madzigon with enthusiasm.






Presentation about the creativ destination of Tamara Madzigon


Graduates Holiday

         On May 19, 2017, after the finishing of the state examinations and the diploma works defence, the students of the 4th year of specialties "5B011800 - Russian Language and Literature" and "5B012200 - Russian Language and Literature in Schools with Non-Russian Language of Learning" decided to organize concert for teachers.
            At this meeting, many kind words were said: gratitude to their teachers was expressed by students, and their mentors wished their young colleagues a happy life and professional path.
          Cheerful, lyrical dances, performance of works on folk musical instruments, sensual monologues - every concert number of the concert evoked the audience`s delight.
         Let`s hope that after the separation new meetings will follow: someone will enter the magistracy; others will establish contacts the department with their schools; others will seek advice and guidance.

Department Doors are always open to students!





Russian language and literature department is the competition winner!

         According to the results of the competition "The best web page of the department on the information portal of Abai KazNPU " the Department of Russian language and literature took the 1st place, having scored the maximum number of score by all criteria of the competition.
        On 28 April 28, 2017 in the small conference hall was held the ceremony of awarding diplomas I, II and III degrees and letters of thanks. This event was held by the pro-rector for teaching and methodical work, Professor Gabit K. Kenzhebayev.
         In the photo - head of the department, Professor Saule Abisheva accepts congratulations.


Our students - volunteers at the EXPO-2017

Two 1st year course students of the Institute of Philology and Multilingual Education of the specialties of the Department of Russian Language and Literature Yenlik Nurzhakyp and Madina Turarbekova will go to Astana at the EXPO 2017 as volunteers.
It will be interesting and responsible work. More than 4000 volunteers will work at the exhibition.
Volunteers managing human flows in the territory of the exhibition will ensure the awareness of visitors about the location of facilities and infrastructure elements of the Exhibition, others will be responsible for visitor ticketeting; Assistance in the loss of personal belongings and cooperate with the Lost and Found Bureau; Rendering assistance to the personnel of the first-aid posts; Support of sponsors and partners of the exhibition. Transport-Volunteers will regulate the flow of vehicles in the parking lots of the complex, ensure timely delivery of vehicles and the direction of visitors and exhibitors to bus stops. The Protocol-Volunteers will assist in the process of receiving and accompanying members of official delegations. Press-Volunteer formation will be aimed at assisting the work of the press center and accreditation of journalists.
We wish Enlik Nurzhakyp and Madina Turarbekova a successful trip!


Moscow guests at the meeting with students

       On 26 April,2017 the meeting with Moscow scientists was held at the Russian Language and Literature Department. This time the students had the opportunity to get acquainted with the dean for external relations of Dmitry Pozharsky University Dmitry Yu. Bazanov and the doctor of philological sciences, professor of this university Alexei I. Lyubzhin.

       A.I. Ljubzhin is the author of a three-volume scientific publication entitled the "History of the Russian School " . He told about the history of education.
       Irina V. Pereverzeva -consul general of the Russian Federation, deputy head of the Russian cooperation office in the Republic of Kazakhstan introduced the guests . I.V. Pereverzeva is old friend of our university, she often visited cultural events of the department. We are waiting the new interesting meetings.



Our guest the young Kazakh writer

          On 21 April, 2017 at the Department of Russian Language and Literature held a creative meeting of the Director of the Open Literary School, prose writer, playwright, literary repertor Mikhail Zemskov with undergraduates of the first year course of the specialty "Russian language and literature".

         M. Zemskov wrote prose since 1990. Since 2005, published in Russian literary journals "October" and "Friendship of Peoples", the winner of literary prizes.
         The initiator and head of the Open Literary School of Almaty. Participant of the Forums of Young Writers of Russia and Kazakhstan, Writers Meetings of the "Friendship of Peoples" journal, the Union of Writers of Moscow, the School of Literary Excellence under the Found of Socio-Economic and Intellectual Programs. Member of the Writers Union of Moscow.
Mikhail Zemskov undertakes to comprehend the fate of the young intellectual in modern society. He is European intellectual, who educated in Asia, a man who lives in universal themes for information civilization.
        Meeting with undergraduates of the Russian Language and Literature Department was held in a free format of questions and answers.W riter gave to the library fund of the department his latest books, as well as novels and collections of poems by the most famous graduates of the Open Literary School - Yu. Serebryansky, K. Rogozhnikova, miscellanea "Literary Alma-Ata", etc.


The history of Kazakhstan on screen

          On 21 April 2017, at Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University by the initiative of the department of Russian Language and Literature Department took place a demonstration of the feature film "Kunanbai" directed by Doskhan Zholzhaksinov under the scenario of Talasbek Assemkulov .
        Guests of the meeting were the widow of the writer T. Assemkulov- Zira Zh. Nauryzbayeva -well known in Kazakhstan culturologist, translator and screenwriter , and Meirkhan Abdyrakhmanov- member of the Artists Union, a corresponding member of the Academy of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, who knew Talasbek Assemkulov. The audience listened with great interest to the memories of the people who took part in the creation of the film.
           In the discussion of the film took part our Moscow guest Uldanai M. Bakhtikireeva, doctor of philological sciences, professor of the People`s Friendship University of Russia .
        Speaking after the film, students, undergraduates, doctoral students and teachers were unanimous in their impressions: the film touched the soul, evoked a lot of emotions, opened new pages of Kazakh history, offered its own understanding of the characters and role of historical personalities.
        A lively discussion with our guests continued at the department. It was clear to everyone: such meetings enrich us mentally and intellectually.
         We will be friends and meet more often!






Concert dedicated to the International Women`s Day

      On 6 March , 2017 in the Assembly Hall of the University took place concert dedicated to the celebration of the International Women`s Day. Students of the Russian language and literature Chair congratulated the beautiful women with this Spring Day.
     A special feature of this festive event was the fact that cadets of the Border Guard Service of the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan congratulated the Beautiful half of the Institute of Philology and Multilingual Education, together with whom was festive concert . The program of the evening included dance and vocal numbers, playing on dombra, reading author`s monologues and more and more . A separate number was prepared by female students from China who study at the Russian Language and Literature Chair by the program of academic mobility.
    Head of the Chair Saule Abisheva thanked the students of Abai KazNPU and cadets  of the Border Guard Service of the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan for a wonderful holiday and warm congratulations that were made on this day.



Readership Conference in dormitory

           On 18 February, 2017 in the dormitory №3 met 3 and 4  year courses students in order to get acquainted with the books that were brought as a present for the dormitory`s reading room by  assiociate  professor of Russian language and literatureChiar Z.N. Polyak.
      Books about pedagogy, philology and methods of teaching Russian language and literature interested all students. To exchange impressions, has been decided to hold a readers` conference. Each of its participants spoke about the selected book: About the Author genre, content and how this book can be used in a future pedagogical work. After practice teaching future teachers especially clear understand how much knowledge and skills require them to school.


On August 26, 2016 at the Chair of Russian Language and Literature Institute of Philology held a Celebration in honor of the Constitution Day. It was organized by graduate students, enrolled in this year to the Department.
Zhanar Karimova presented the video and presentation about history of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the program "Mangilik El".

Zhanna Kermesheva shared with the audience interesting facts about our Constitution.

The celebration concert was attended by schoolchildren, students and teachers. The audience warmly welcomed songs performed schoolgirl by Aidana Nusupbekova, second-year student Nurilya Karabasova and teacher Tulegen Merkebayev. 






Our graduate Aizhan Nusupbekova, entered this year in the doctoral program, invited to our concert the famous artist of the Kazakh dombra music virtuoso Aidar Abylkasymov. Execution of classical kyuis on two instruments, nobody was left untouched, and musician called on "encore".

The meeting ended with the speech of head of the department Saule Dzhunusovna Abisheva who found heartfelt and sincere words of high concepts such as citizenship, justice and patriotism.










Congratulations graduates!

On 30 June , 2016 at the Philology Institute took place the solemn meeting devoted to the presentation of diplomas to the graduates of 2016 year.

Director of the Institute Baltabay Abdigaziuly congratulated the graduates and wished them a happy life .
Students of the specialty "5B011800 - Russian language and literature" have come to the chair to say goodbye to your favorite teachers.
Let us hope that new meetings are coming very soon - in the entrance examinations to magistracy.


Defense of master`s dissertation works

State examinations in magistracy of the Chair of Russian language and literature was completed in June 2016 defended master`s thesis.
Graduate specialty "Russian language and literature" and "Russian language and literature in schools with non-Russian language education" addressed the National Certification Commission, headed by its chairman Professor K.L. Kabdolova.
Defense of dissertation of young scientists was accompanied by interesting discussions and scientific debates. Supervisors and reviewers have noted in their reviews the significant amount of work and a high level of research.
As a result of the public protection committee has decided on awarding all graduates of graduate Master`s degree.
We wish our graduates a successful career and professional growth and prosperity!


Competition of readers dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Olzhas Suleimenov

On 24 May , 2016 at the Chair of Russian Language and Literature under the supervision of Professor K.S. Buzaubagarova took place competition of readers. In the program - poems of Olzhas Omarovich Suleimenov. 3rd year course students chosen for the competition the most interesting works and read them with a deep understanding of poetic images.
Competition jury were invited well-known Kazakhstan cultural figures - Orientalist and publisher of O. Suleimenov`s books academician Safar Abdullo, Doctor of Social Sciences Maidan Abishev, poet and literary critic Pavel Bannikov.
The most emotional and artistic readers won the competition and received the award O. Suleimenov `s books with an inscription of the author.



Republican interuniversity scientific seminar

On 21-22 April 2016 at the Philology Institute within in framework of the Republican subject Olympiad on the Russian language and literature took place Republican interuniversity scientific seminar "Art world literature of Kazakhstan: linguistic and literary aspects".
Seminar was organized by two universities - Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University (head - Abisheva S.D., doctor of philological sciences, professor, head of the Chair of Russian language and literature) and L. Gumilyov Eurasian National University (Head - Kh.R. Nurgali, doctor of philological sciences., professor, head of the Chair of Russian philology).
Reports were made by scientists of two universities, a seminar audience were teachers from ten universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Creative atmosphere of the scientific seminar created not only reports researchers literature of Kazakhstan, but also meetings with famous Kazakhstan women writers - Umit Tazhikenova and Lilya Kalaus, who presented a gift to all present their books.

Republican student
Subject Olympiad on the Russian language and literature

On 20-23 April, 2016, at our university took place the Republican student subject on specialty "5B011800 - Russian language and literature". Olympiad was organized by the chair of Russian Language and Literature. Its participants were the teams from 9 higher educational institutions  of the Republic of Kazakhstan:
K. Zhubanov Aktobe Regional State University.
Shakarim State University of the Semey City
L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University
Kazakh State Women`s Pedagogical University
Sh. Ualikhanov Kokshetau State University
Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda State University
Pavlodar State Pedagogical Institute
South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute
M. Auezov South Kazakhstan State University
On 21 April , 2016 took place opening ceremony of the Olympiad . Welcoming speech were made bythe Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of the University A.T. Kulsarieva and director of the Institute of Philology B.A. Abdigaziuly. The first meeting with the participants of the Olympiad ended in the literary and musical composition "Unexpected Yesenin", which was prepared for the guests by students 3 year courses of the Institute of Philology.
On the same day the participants of the Olympiad awaited two tests - a written tour of the Russian language and creative competition of teams. The next day, the students participated in the written round of the Olympiad on the literature, watched a concert, which organized by students of the Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University, and in the afternoon was excursion to Medeo for participants.
Olympiad was held with a great creative enthusiasm, guests enthusiastically worked on the written rounds and enthusiastically participated in the cultural program. On 23 April, Olympiad completed the tabulation and announcement of winners. 


Our Nauryz

On 14 April, 2016 at the stadium "Spartak" took place the holiday- Nauryz , which was organized by the Institute of Philology.
During the opening celebration of the Holiday , Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, A.T. Kulsariyeva handed veterans of the Chair of Russian Language and Literature M.R. Kondubayeva and L.K. Zhanalina honorary award - badge "Uzdіk ustaz (" The best teacher")".
Chair of Russian Language and Literature is well prepared for the holiday. Dastarkhan full, which is not only here! The focus, of course, Nauryz kozhe. Guests tasted and national meat dishes - kazi, zhaya, karta, and fish delicacies, and irimshik and baursak ... delicious drinks- kymyz, shubat. And on the hot - delicious beshbarmak!
In honor of the concert was a success and celebration. Our students made remarkable performances as Kazakh national ceremony "Blessing of a long journey," participated in the competition models in traditional costumes. Chair received a prize for the nomination "Implementation of the national dance and song" .
In this warm sunny day, students and teachers met with  fun holiday of spring renewal!


Our in USA

Doctor of philological sciences, professor of the Russian language and literature Chair Manat Musataeva from 22 March to 2 April 2016 at the invitation of the University of California (Los Angeles, USA) gave lectures on the theme "Dominant concepts of the Kazakh linguistic culture " and "Ethno-linguistic aspect of the symbolic and communicative functions of Kazakh dishes". University of California for the second year invites M.Sh. Musataeva to give lectures.
In addition, within two weeks Professor M. Sh Musataeva together with American colleagues was working at a project on drawing up the electronic textbook for American students.


Concert for pedagogues

March 4, 2016 at the Chair of Russian Language and Literature held a  concert dedicated to the International Women`s Day.

It was a gift of students 1, 2 and 3 year courses for  favorite teachers. Joyful and bright holiday atmosphere formed from the first minute thanks to the artistry and humor of leading - 3rd year students Bakhyt Kadir and Nurganat Tokayev. Which only talent is not found in our students! They played musical instruments (on dompra, flute and chopo-choor); with young passion and a thunder of applause danced folk dances - Kazakh and Russian; great singing and reading poetry. The celebration ended with warm words of gratitude, which appealed to students Head of the Chair Saule Dzhunusovna Abisheva and general melody, bringing together students and teachers. "And this time, called the spring!» - Cheerfully sounded the refrain of the old, but forever young songs.







Students are guests of lyceum 

 February 12, 2016 1st year  russian division students of the Institute of Philology visited the school for the first time as guests. They were invited to a specialized high school №165 in Almaty, which for many years friends the chair of Russian Language and Literature. The event was dedicated to the memory of A.S. Pushkin, and students witnessed the amazing beautiful holiday. Students of the 6 th and 10 th grade under the guidance of a teacher of Russian language and literature graduate of Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University, Ph.D. M.S. Asylbekova made theatrical-costume show based on the works of the great Russian poet. Students put scenes from "The Tale of the Golden Fish," "The Tale of the Priest and of His Workman Balda", from "The Captain`s Daughter" and "Mistress into Maid". There were a letter of Tatyiana and songs on poems by Pushkin. Saturated scenario, selfless play of young actors, the unity of all souls in the hall were in the autumn of the genius of Alexander Pushkin.

Scene from "The Tale of the Priest and of His Workman Balda"

With words of gratitude to the Lyceum Pushkin`s address were the guests of the holiday: the consul of the Russian Federation Consulate General in Almaty I.V. Pereverzev, head of the  Russian Language and Literature  chair (Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University), Doctor of Philological sciences, Professor S.D. Abisheva, director of the S. Begalin Children`s Library  E.A. Fomchenko. In response, the director of the Lyceum№165 K.E. Oshanova, thanking the guests for their attention, invited our students, future teachers of Russian language and literature, to work in a high school.

Guests and owners of holiday

Our students - guests of talk show

Master`s degree students  and students of 1 year course of a specialty "Russian language and literature" and "Russian language and literature in schools with non-Russian language training " of the Institute of Philology on January 27, 2016 participated in popular television talk show "The Golden Mean" of the channel "Bilim zhane madeniet (Education and Culture)".
The theme of the talk show  was close philologists - "Modern Kazakh poetry".  Professor of the  of Buzaubagarova K.S. acted as an expert on the theme. The guests talk shows were modern young poets A.P. Bannikov, E. Zhumagulov, bloggers K. Lavrov and A. Kadyrova.


Master of the Russian Language and Literature chair - winner of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev`s scholarship

In Astana, at the Eurasian University named after L.N. Gumilyov on November 26 of this year was meeting of Aslan Sarinzhipov - Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan with graduate-scholarship holders of the President of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev (Nazarbayev`s scholarships). The meeting was held in the format of a round table.
In 2015, the competition presented documents of 46 undergraduates. In accordance with the Rules and the decision of the Bid Evaluation Committee selected 10 candidates with excellent marks for performance, is actively engaged in research work and key social activities.
Master of the Russian language and literature chair Maxim Ponomarenko won Nazarbayev`s scholarship in 2015.
Congratulations to Maxim, the chair, the Philology Institute and all university with this wonderful event!





"Round table", devoted to the anniversary of the scientist

     On 10 October, 2015 at the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai, was hold International Round Table on the theme "Innovative technologies in trilingual education", dedicated to the 80th anniversary of doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Maryam Ramazanovna Kondubayeva.    Professor M.R.Kondubayeva - a prominent scientist, methodologist, expert in the theory and techniques of teaching Russian in conjunction with the Kazakh and foreign languages, the author of over 200 papers, has 20 copyright certificates on developed textbooks and author integrated technologies of philology training courses.    Professor M.R. Kondubayeva - head of Linguistic and didactic scientific school "Innovative Technologies in multilingual education of Kazakhstan". She has trained about 20 masters of philology and pedagogy (didactics), 15 candidates and 6 PhD students of Pedagogical Sciences, who became the leading Methodists both our country and foreign countries.    In the course of the International Round Table held a presentation of the monograph "Innovative technologies in trilingual education: Proceedings of the scientific school of Professor M.R. Kondubayeva". The roundtable was attended by scientists from Kazakhstan and the CIS countries.



Moscow professors are guests of the chair

At the beginning of October 2015 as part of a program of academic mobility in the university to lecture came famous Russian scientists, experts in methodology and didactics: doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, academician of the RAS Mikhail Ryzhakov; Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Alexander Kutuzov, author and scientific director of the collective creators of the federal set of textbooks in literature for 5-11 grades of secondary schools of the Russian Federation "In the world of literature"; doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Sergey Shishov.
The scientists met with students and postgraduates of the Philology Institute. There was an interesting and fruitful conversation with the teachers of the Russian language and literature chair. The ways of further cooperation.



Family day

On September 13, 2015 in celebration of the Day of family advisors and students of the 1st course on  specilities  Russian language and literatue and Kazakh language and literature visited the Central Park of Culture and Recreation. In a relaxed atmosphere, students wonderful rest, heard a lot of interesting stories about the family, shared their memories of family, together sang  favorite songs.









International festival "Pushkin`s summer"

From 10 at September 15, 2015 teachers of the chair became participants of the VI International festival "Pushkin`s Summer" and the international seminar "Innovative methods of teaching Russian language and literature in secondary schools", which were held in the city of Kapchagay. The events were organized by the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Almaty, Rossotrudnichestvo in Kazakhstan in partnership with the educational institutions of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan. Students from Central Asia competed in the knowledge of the great poet, theatrical skills, and knowledge of the poetry of Pushkin`s era. The focus of the participants were new methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language and as a mother, and Russian literature. Teachers Rusists could discuss all interesting questions, learn about new methodological developments, to develop programs and achievements of colleagues from the CIS countries. Of particular interest was the message Nikitina S.A. Work Cultural Russian cooperation school that operates in KazNPU named after Abai Almaty for students has been the fourth year. During this time she became a kind of "talent foundry" for the participants of international competitions and Olympiads of Russian language and literature.
Results of the international seminar were summarized at the Pushkin`s ball, during which Deputy Head of Mission of Russian cooperation in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Irina Pereverzeva presented certificates to participants and winners of -prizy of Russian cooperation in the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Interesting lectures of Kazakh professor in the United States of America

M.Sh. Musataeva - Professor of the chair of Russian Language and Literature Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai has business trip by academic mobility in the United States at the invitation of the University of California for give lectures to students since 15 till 25 April,2015.
During her stay at the university she gave lectures on the theme: "Dominant concepts of the Kazakh linguistic culture" and "Ethno-linguistic aspect of the Kazakh Gastika". American students have shown great interest in the Kazakh mentality, culture, customs and traditions.
International department of the University Distinguished Professor M.Sh. Musataeva with "Ietter of thanks", which states: "We are grateful to Professor Musataeva M.Sh. the extremely informative and well-lectures, which, thanks to their interactivity, students involved in the discussion of important paradigms of the Kazakh culture and allow them to ask their questions".
During her stay in the United States, April 18, with students and professors of the Department was organized and hosted the celebration of Nauryz.


The victory in the Republican Olympiad

Team of the Institute of Philology participated in the Republican student`s subject Olympiad on the Russian language and literature at the State University named after Shakarim ( Semey city), which held in 15-17 April 2015. Students of 3rd year courses of the specialty "5B011800 - Russian language and literature" Akniet Zhalgaeva, Akerke Moldakulova and Nailya Serikova together with the head of the chair prof. Karligash Sapargalievna Buzaubagarova took part in the varied program of the Republican Student Olympiad. Students carried written works in the Russian language and literature, made an oral homework on the subject, "I would have learned Russian ..." had an excursion to the memorial and cultural places of the city and visited F.M. Dostoevsky Museum.
Result of the Republican Olympiad was ceremony of awarding the winner.
Diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of I degree was awarded student of the Kazakh National Pedagogical named after Abai Nailya Serikova! Diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of II degree awarded team of the Kazakh National Pedagogical named after Abai!
We congratulate our winners!
We sincerely thank all the teachers of the chair, and especially, those who have involved in the preparation of the team for the Olympiad - Docent. Zinaida Naumovna Polyak, prof. Aimgul Kairbekovna Kazkenova, prof. Larisa Viktorovna Eglit.