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On 16 February, 2017  at the educational building №1, lecture room 622  of Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University at the Institute of Geography and Natural Science took place festive evening on the theme: "Sport is your companion, pharmaceuticals soul, strength in the hand", organized by Gaukhar Abdikarimova- candidate of pedagogical sciences senior lecturer of the Chair "Tourism" and 1st year  course students of a specialty "Geography".

Curtain festive evening opened by the director, university professor Kulyash Kaymuldinova. During the evening the audience heard and songs, and a hollow ringing of dombra and saw dances and participated in a variety of sports games, such as: a traditional game of our people "tug of war", "arm wrestling" and others. Winners were presented with gifts. quiz was held, dedicated to the Universiade, in which students actively participate. Closing remarks were provided by the Deputy Director of the educational work  Nurlan Manapov,  also he awarded Honourable mentions to students, who won prizes in sporting events.


The main directions of educational work

For the 2016-2017 school year 19 teachers of the professors of the department were assigned to student groups were identified key areas of educational work:

                  General university events

Work on the development of the state language. Education of humanity, spirituality and humanity. Education of Kazakhstani patriotism. Increasing political and religious grammotno, the fight against extremism and inter-ethnic conflict. Environmental and aesthetic education. Education in the spirit of national traditions , ethnopedagogics role in the development of personality. Physical Culture. A healthy lifestyle and educationeconomic education. Social support. Promote the development and support of young talents. Increasing political and religious grammotno,the fight against extremism and inter-ethnic conflict. The measures Stemming Corruption and Bribery. Psychological support to students. Activities of the advisors and mentors. Keeping the above mentioned directions of educational work, teaching staff of the department is working hard in diversifying the education of students. In the process of the educational work of the students formed a civilian opinion focuses on the personality of the students, their moral education. Advisors and instructors supervise and promote providing various events, forums, and university-level institution. For example, work on development of state language, 22 September the eve of the Day of Languages, Teacher Abdikarimova G.A. held educational hour ``Language - the wealth of the people` with students of 1-2 courses For labor education, our students are actively involved in the work days of the district and urban scales. Particularly stood out its activity the students of 1 st course, led by Professor B. Abdimanapov  senior lecturer S. Alshynbekov. While on duty staff of the department in the dormitory While on duty staff of the department in the dormitory №2,teachers had a conversation with the students living in the dormitory, on the theme: "personal hygiene" and "internal rules of the dormitory". Also, senior teacher and teacher R. Iskakova and N. Shakirova held a ceremony for the 25 th anniversary of Independence. On "Dedication to Students" 1 course KazNPU, from the department was attended by Adviser G. Abdikarimova S. Alshynbekov. This evening, our students showed their creativity and were flattered attention of the Directorate of the Institute. It should be noted particularly active among the students of 1 st year Bazarbekova Nursaya, Orazhan Zhansaya and Serikkaly Bekarys. In the direction of "the formation of a healthy lifestyle and sport", Senior Lecturer A. Aldasheva at the Institute level held the concert: "Tourism - a path of peace and development".(Devoted to the International Tourism Day 27/09/2016 y). At this event, attended graduate of Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University with a degree in 5B090200-tourism, now the director of travel company Bekbaeva Guzel.