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Chair of Criminal Law
 Toleubekova Bakitzhan Khasenovna
Doctor of Law, Honored Worker of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Zhambyl str.25


Until 2011 operated two departments: 1) Department of Criminology and Forensic Sciences, 2) Department of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure. Since September 2011 as a result of the reorganization of both departments were merged into one: The Department of Criminal Law.

Currently the department has 14 teachers:

- Doctor of Law, Professor - 1 (Toleubekova B.H);

- Сandidate of sciences, associate professors - 9 (Almaganbetov P.A Zhumanbayeva N.A, Kenzhibekova E.P, Kalkayeva N.B Kusainov S.J, Zaderei V.V Esbulatova R.M, Sailibayeva Zh.Y., Korzhumbayeva T.M);

- Senior teachers - 4 (Buranbayeva S.R, Ainakulov A.A, Greek E.N, Osmanova G.J).

At the department has three laboratories:

1) Criminal tactics and techniques (# 209);

2) Forensic technology (# 211);

3) Criminal Justice (# 212).

All laboratories are equipped in accordance with their profile, equipped with proper passports.

Placed on the laboratory bench rich collection of knives, sharps, firearms, exhibits telling the history of forensic photography. There are examples of modern equipment operational investigative groups.

All the teachers of the department are mentors, engaged in educational work with students on an individual basis.

The scientific circles of students:

- "Forensic" (supervisors: Kusainov S.J, Osmanova G.J)

- "Criminology" (supervisor: Kenzhibekova E.P)

Teachers carry out research activities, methodical work, carry different social work.

The Department is issuing as shall state certification (SJC) on subjects of criminal law of the Republic of Kazakhstan and criminal procedural law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as professional practice guide graduate students in the field of criminal law, criminal procedure.

Two teachers are holders of certificates of authorship (Kusainov S.J Toleubekova B.H).

Teachers of the department are taught discipline:

1. Criminal Law of the RK

2. Criminal Law of the RK

3. criminology

4. Penal law

5. advocacy

6. prosecutorial Supervision

7. criminalistics

8. Trial expertology

9. proof Theory

10. Fundamentals of operational and investigative activities

1. Fundamentals of legal statistics

12. Crimes against persons

13. Forensic medicine and psychiatry

14. Modern problems of methodology of proof theory

15. Features pre-trial proceedings in criminal matters Law enforcement agencies of Kazakhstan