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Scientific and research activity


    Research work at the department of foreign languages is aimed at the study of the methodological problems of learning foreign languages in secondary schools and pedagogical higher institutions.

    Development of new technologies


    Within the framework of the projects of the MES RK, by the teachers of the department (Zhalalova A.M.) was published the teaching aid «Käsibï bağıttalğan şet tili (bolaşaq pän muğalimderin tildik-quzırettilik - kommwnïkatïvtik modelde dayındaw)».

    During the reporting period, (from 29.10.2018 to 25.10. 2018) lectures were organized under the leadership of Zh. Abuov, doctor of philology, professor, head of the Department of foreign languages, and senior lecturer Z. Utegulova for students, undergraduates and teachers of Abai KazNPU with invited foreign scientist, professor of the University of Leiden (the Netherlands) Henk Frenken in the framework of the Erasmus +International Credit Mobility for short-term mobile program of the European Commission and Nuffic.

    Staff of the Department participated in the review of students` and master`s theses of other universities (professors Zh. Abuov, T. T. Ayapova, candidate of philological sciences, associate professor S.N. Balmukhanova, candidate of philological sciences A.K. Omarbekova, Ph.D Zhalalova A.M., etc.).

    Participation of teaching staff in scientific events
    In 2018, by the teaching staff of the Department were published more than 50 works, mainly articles. Among them were published: in the far abroad-2, in the near abroad-2, in the journals of Control Committee in the field of education and science of the MES RK, in other journals of RK-18, published theses of scientific conferences in the far abroad-1, published theses of scientific conferences in the near abroad-3, published theses of scientific conferences in RK-16, in journals with impact factor-2 (Scopus).

    Members of the Department regularly participate in research activities, including in overseas (Abuov Zh., Utegulov Z. N.) and research projects of MES RK on the priority area «Scientific basis «Mangilik El» (the education of the XXI century fundamental and applied studies in the aries of Humanities) (Ayapova T.T., Abdrahimova G. B., Shayakhmetova D.B., Zhalalova A.M., Kemelbekova Z.A., Bukabaeva B. E., Kartabaeva A.A.).

    The staff of the Department during 2018 carried out business trips in order to participate in events of various levels (training; exchange of experience with experts in the field of CLIL; examination and review of test items for teachers; participation in an international seminar).

    Teachers of the Department actively participate in various international seminars on professional development. The lectureres are conducted by the scientists invited from leading foreign higher institutions, of the Netherlands under the program Erasmus International Credit Mobility (CLIL in the Netherlands and in Kazakhstan), and they participate in trainings organized by funds of the Kazakhstan center of advanced training "Orleu" in Almaty, as well as they participate in various competitions of grants and scientific awards, which contributes to the expansion of the scientific and educational space of the Department. And also, during the reporting period 2 teachers of the Department have received international certificates IELTS (Berkinbaeva G., Zhauynshieva Zh.), 2 teachers - Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) certificate of Cambridge University (Sultankulova S.U., Mysekeeva A.B.).

    Implementation of the results of research reports in the work of students, undergraduates and doctoral students
    The main objectives of the SRWS development is to attract students to research work from the first year. The Department are managed the scientific work of undergraduates and students who annually make reports at scientific conferences.

    On November 22, 2018, the Department organized the work of the student section «Şetel tilin üyrenwdiñ özekti mäseleleri (bakalavrïat, magïstratwra)» within the framework of the traditional students 73-scientific conference «Fïlologïyalıq bilimder ïnnovacïyası: dästür men sabaqtastıq» dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Abai KazNPU. 22 students took an active part in the conference, 15 of them were undergraduates and 7 are master students. As a result of the conference they were awarded diplomas of the first (M. Ushurova, M. Saryeva), and the second (Esiluly B., Shalkar A., Batirova Z., Mustafayeva N.) and the third degrees (L. Kataeva, N. Kubeisinova, D. Erkhojaeva, K. Zakir, A. Kerimbaeva, A. Utkelbaeva), as well as their scientific supervisors (S.N. Balmukhanova, A.M. Zhalalova, I.M. Sadyrmekova, S.M. Lukpanova, E.Zh. Kanseitova, Sh.U. Sultankulova, M.Z. Mamyrbaeva) were awarded with letters of thanks. The research papers of the conference participants were published in the conference scientific collection.


    Annual report on research work for 2018