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Information about cooperation with foreign universities


Name of a foreign university, full name, position, uch. degree and rank of partners

Theme of cooperation

Events held

(place and time)


Max Planck Institute; (Germany, Cologne)

Professor Kosov Vladimir

Internship on the topic: "Neural circuits and model systems"

(Germany, Cologne)



Second International Conference of IFToMM Italy «Advanced in Italian Mechanism Science», Italy Professor Bissembaev Kuatbai

Theme international conference:«Оscillations specific for the homogeneous rod like elastic structure on the kinematic absorber basis with rolling bearers having straightened surfaces»





Meeting of the staff of the department "Physics" with foreign scientists

Krasnikov Andrey


Theme of the scientific seminar "Modern Research in Materials Science at Institutes at the Latvian Academy of Sciences"


Abai University



Exchange of experience with Charles University Prague (Czech Republic)

Professor Akitay Balkiya

in the Department of Physical and Macromolecular Chemistry

Prague (Czech Republic)


5 Another scientific of the staff of the Department of Physics Х. Altenbax (Germany) with foreign scientists «The trend of higher education in Germany»  27.05.2019
6 Meeting of professors of the department of physics with a foreign scientist Exchange of experience - a trip to Germany 15.10-21.10.2019
7 Russia, St. Petersburg Doctor Phys.-Math. Sciences, Professor, Kosov Vladimir
Тhe XI All-Russian Scientific Conference with international participation
8 Italy, University of Gagliari Professor Bissembaev Kuatbai
Exchange of experience with Charles University

Cagliari (Italy) Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor K. Bisembaev

 Іtaly, Cagliari 26.10.2019-10.11.2019



In 2018, the Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics of Abaі KazNPU was visited by foreign scientific advisers of doctoral students studying in the specialty «6D060400-Physics».

During the period of their stay at our university, they conducted master classes on topical issues of physics. Listeners were students, undergraduates and doctoral students of the Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics.