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Abiyr Karlygash Engebaikyzy


                                Year of birth




1. 1997-2001 Almaty state University named after Abay. Faculty: "Philology".

2. 2001-2003. Graduate of ALMU named after Abay. Specialty: "Philology".

3. 2016-2019. Doctoral studies of KazNPU named after Abai`s. Specialty: "Philology".

Academic degree and title

Master of Philology, Senior teacher

Place of work and post graduation

1. 2001-2003. Almaty secondary school`s No. 149 and No. 26. Teacher of Kazakh language and literature;

2. 2004-2012. KazNPU named after Abaya Department: Theory and methodology of the Kazakh language;

3. 2012-2017. Kazakh Academy of labor and social relations.

Department: Language Department.

Scientific interests

Ancient literature and literature of the Khan period, theory of literature, introduction to literary studies, literary analysis of literary text, literature of the XIX century, word formation.


Study guides:

1."Kazakh language" (elementary level). Textbook/ author`s Association-And: "Zhazushy",  2007. - 496 p.

2."Kazakh language" (high level). Textbook / author Association-A: "Zhazushy",   2007 -336 p.

3. "Kazakh language" (in perfection). Textbook / author Association. - A: "Zhazushy",  2007 - 336 p.

4."Kazakh language" (elementary level). Methodical instructions/ in the author`s Association-Almaty: "Zhazushy", 2007-88 p.

5. "Kazakh language" (in perfection). Methodical instructions/ author`s Association of Almaty: "Zhazushy",  2007 -88 p.

6. "Kazakh language" (high level). Collection of exercises in the author`s Association / - a: "Zhazushy",  2007-88 p.

7. "The Kazakh language (the easiest level). Electronic textbook/ copyright Union-A: "Zhazushy",  2007. - 496 p.

8."The Kazakh language" (the basic level). Author`s Association of electronic reading / - A: "Zhazushy",  2007 -336 p.

9. "The Kazakh language" (the basic level). Electronic textbook / author Association: "Zhazushy",  , 2007 -336 p.

10. "Kazakh language" (high level). Electronic textbook/ - in the author`s Association: "Zhazushy",  2007 -336 p.

11. "Kazakh language" (in perfection). Electronic textbook / author Association-a: "Zhazushy",   2007 - 336 p.

12. Textbook "Kazakh tili" (for Russian departments of the College) / in the author`s Association-A: Print Express, 2008. -209 p.

More than 80 scientific articles have been published.

How long have you been working at the department


Since 2004, a senior lecturer in the Kazakh language and literature department аcademician S.S.Kirabaev

Social work


DOT (distance learning) tuter

Contact details



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