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Abdikarimova Gaukhar Abdikalikovna

Сandidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Work experience - 28 years, 21 years in the specialty. Explores pedagogical conditions of formation of ecological knowledge of pupils, as well as a method of teaching geography with different methods of use.

Disciplines: "Toponymy", "Fundamentals of tourismology", "Ethics and Etiquette in Tourism"; "Geography teaching technology in secondary vocational and university", "estimates Criterion Technology", "Theory and the modern world development problems", "Environmental Economics".

Achievements. He has published over 74 research papers and 5 teaching aids.

Passed training on the program of additional professional education for graduate students of higher educational institutions offering teacher training, developed on the basis of level training programs for teaching staff of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Имеет более 18 сертификатов повышения квалификации. Since 2015 she is a member of the International Public Organization "A. A.Ostapets-Sveshnikov Academy of Youth Tourism and Local History ".

Research interests: geography teaching technology in secondary vocational and higher education, place names, the criterion assessment technology basics tourismology, ethics and etiquette

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