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Berdygulova Gulmira Yertisovna

The candidate of geographical sciences, associate professor, work experience - 29 years in the specialty for 29 years. Explores the problems of economic and social geography of the world and Kazakhstan.

          Disciplines: "Modeling and Forecasting in geography", "Urbogeography", "Geographical bases of competitive countries of the world"; "Geographic Global Studies", "Actual problems of economic, social and political geography", "Theory and the modern world development problems", "Geography of the contemporary world." Responsible for Scientific-research work.

Achievements. Author of more than 60 scientific articles and 1 textbook and 2 teaching aids.

Refresher course (last 5 years).  Attended Suslovs V. lectures, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor of geography teaching methods and local history of the Russian State Pedagogical University named after Herzen A.I. on the theme "Modern trends of modernization of school geographical education. General methods of school geography "(72 hours) from 28 of  November till 10 of December 2016; 2. Lecture of Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor Choduraeva T.M.  on the theme: "Natural aspects of sustainable development in Central Asia" from 28 of November till 10 of December 2016, 72 hours (certificate).

Through the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan  passed English courses from 11 of November till 27 of December 2016 in the amount of 240 hours.

       Research Interests: The problems of economic and social geography of the world, the CIS, Kazakhstan, as well as trans-boundary rivers  of  the country.



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