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Representatives Abai KazNPU at a conference in the Higher School of Economics


On 12-14 April 2018 the National Research University "Higher School of Economics" (Moscow) the international scientific and practical conference "Russian language in the multilingual world" (see conference website: / conference) took place at the National Research University "Higher School of Economics" (Moscow).


This conference was held this year for the third time. At the center of attention of its participants is a set of issues related to the functioning of the Russian language in conditions of its active interaction with other languages ​​of the world. In particular, issues, related to the replenishment and improvement of the Russian Academic Corps (RLC), which was developed at the Laboratory of Corps Studies of the School of Linguistics at the Higher School of Economics, are being discussed. Currently, it contains educational texts in Russian, written by native speakers of 14 different dominant languages, including Kazakh.


The conference was presented by the joint report of the head of the School of Linguistics Professor Ekaterina Rakhilina and C.F.S., professor of the Chair of Russian Language and Literature of Abai KazNPU Aimgul Kazkenova "Expression of iterativity in Russian texts of Kazakh bilinguals". The report was devoted to the description of the material of the Kazakh subcorpus, namely, how the value of the repeating action is expressed in the Russian speech of Kazakh bilinguals and how this can complement the typological studies.


The conference was attended by the head of the Chair of Russian Language and Literature, Professor Saule Abisheva, currently undergoing a scientific internship at the School of Linguistics as part of the development of the MES RK "The Best Teacher of the University of 2017", the doctoral student of the 1st year of the specialty "Russian Language" and literature», Zhulduz Tolebaeva.


The materials of the conference will be published in a special collection, the preparation of which will be carried out jointly with the staff of the University of Helsinki.










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