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Baishukurova Gulnur Zholaushibaevna


Baishukurova Gulnur, candidate of Philologi, 1972 of birth.
She is a graduate of Kazakh State National University by al-Farabi (1994). In 2002 she defended her thesis on specialty 10.02.01 - russian language in Kazakh State National University by al-Farabi (Almaty) on «Semantic structure and functioning of phraseological units in historical works of Kazakhstani writers». At the end of the full-time post-graduate course she worked at the AGU by K.Zhubanov (2000-2013, Aktobe). Since 2018 he has been working in KazNPU by Abay.
The author of more than 70 scientific and educational methodical works.
Sphere of scientific interests: Modern Russian language, Lexicology, Syntax of the modern Russian language, Psycholinguistics, Cognitive linguistics.

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