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Tilekova Zhanna Tilekovna


Tilekova Zhanna Tilekovna candidate of geographical sciences, doctor of philosophy (PhD) in the specialty 6D060800-Ekologiya, associate professor of Geography of Kazakhstan and ecology of the Kazakh pedagogical university of Abay

In 1997 Tilekova Zh.T., I have graduated from TREASURY, in "Geography", qualification "The geographer, the teacher of geography with award of the academic degree of the bachelor" has been appropriated to her.
From 1998 to 2000 I studied in a magistracy TREASURY, upon termination of her the academic degree of the master of geography with specialization "Economic and social geography" has been appropriated.
In 2007 I have defended the master`s thesis on a subject: "Ecological assessment of consequences of anthropogenic impact on bioresources of the Balkhash region" in the specialty 25.00.36 - geoecology.
In 2015 protection the doctoral dissertation in TREASURY of al-Farabi, in 2016 it is appropriated an academic degree of the doctor of philosophy (PhD) in the specialty 6D060800-Ekologiya


From 2006 to 2008 in DGP "Institute of Geography" of RGP "The Center of Sciences about Earth, Metallurgy and Enrichments" of KN of MAUN RK. Tilekova Zh.T. I was an executive of the program of basic researches of Institute of Geography of KN MAUN RK "To develop methods and to give an assessment of modern and expected dynamics of natural waters, to develop geographical bases of the integrated water resources management". The program is approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of RK (No. state. рег. 0106 PK 00093, for 2006-2008).
From 2009 to 2011 Tilekova Zh.T. I was the head of the section "Analysis of a Geoecological Situation and Development of Mathematical Model of Estimated Division Into Districts of Flat Geosystems of Kazakhstan" of the program of basic researches of Institute of Geological Sciences of K.I. Satpayev LLP of JSC NNTH Parasat "To develop the systems of indicator signs for assessment of a state and creation of a databank of geological and geoecological information of Kazakhstan" for 2009-2011, RK approved by the Ministry of Education and Science (No. state. рег. 0210 PK 00494).

Area of scientific interests:
1. Ekologo-geosystem assessment of pollution of industrial centers of Kazakhstan.
2. Solution of problems of dynamic growth of Almaty: in the past and the future.
3. A research of physiographic conditions along the 49th parallel of Kazakhstan and development on her tourist routes.

Main publications: Tilekova Zh.T. 1 monograph, 2 manuals, 3 articles in the Scopus database, the general the volume of the publication 48,76 of the item of l is the author of 42 works, including., including 20 works for the last five years which are devoted to geoecology problems, preservation and use of a biodiversity, environmental protection and rational environmental management 1 monograph and also a number for the first time of the made maps of Kazakhstan is published: geoecological, geographical and ecological.
At the same time I participated in numerous international scientific conferences, forums and seminars
The taught disciplines: Gives lectures and conducts a practical training for students of specialties: "5B011600 Geography", "5V060800 Ecology", "6M060900 - Geography" on the following disciplines "Ecological rationing", "Environmental impact assessment", "Technology of training of natural disciplines", "Environment statistics", "Geographical science in the context of sustainable development", for students and undergraduates of the Kazakh, Russian office.
Professional development:
Programs of professional development for the organization of educational process, the software in the field of environmental protection, modern pedagogical technologies. Under her management 4 master dissertations are defended.


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