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Tlebayev Kairat Beishenovich


Information about yourself



Middle Name: Beishenovich


2006-2009 Doctoral Al-Farabi KazNU, Department of Solid State Physics and Materials Science.

2003. Doctoral degree Moscow University of Chemical Technology Mendeleev, Department of Radiation Chemistry and Polymer Technology, Moscow. Russia.

1994-1997. Full-time graduate school Abay ASU, Department of Physics, internship at the Institute of Physics and Chemical Research named after KarpovObninsk Department of Radiation Physics of Polymers.

1981-1987. Kazakh State University, special department (physics in English).


Academic rank, degree

Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor, Corresponding Member of KazNAEN RK,


Research Interests         

Radiation physics of polymers, radiation technologies, material science


Pedagogical activity and social assignments   

2018-Professor of the Mathematics, Physics and Informatics Teaching Methodology Department.


Research activities, publications   

Has more than 180 scientific papers, including:

Compute rmodeling of radiation processes. //Bulletin  KazNU named after Al-Farabi chemical series -2012.-№4.-pp.114-117.

Simulation on a computer of damage in PTFE irradiated with γ-quanta // Bulletin KazNPU named after Abay ser. Phys. Sciences, -2013.-№1.- p.34-41

Modeling of the effect of γ-quanta on the PET molecule. // BulletinKazNPU named after Abay ser. Phys. Sciences, -2013.-№1.- p.41-47

The experimental and the oreticalinvestigations of the influenceof electron irradiation onthe IRspectra ofpolyimidematerials.// Bulletin KazNU named after Al-Farabi chemical series  -2013.-№.- pp. 69-76.

Development of scientific basisof obtaining technology and studythe properties ofdielectric materialsbased on polymersand ionic crystals with the use ofirradiation BulletinKazNU named after Al-Farabi chemical series -2013.-№.- pp.89-93.

  6. Tlebaev K.B., Kupchishin A.I. Properties of  composite with different contents of polytet rafluoroethy  lenenanopowdersirradiatedbyelectrons. // Russian Physics Journal- 2016. -6 p.


Awards and rewards

Awardedthe Order of "ALEXANDER THE GREAT" for outstanding scientific work by decision of the Commission for awards of the European Scientific and Industrial Consortium.

Awardedthe "Wilhelm Leibnitz" Medalfor scientific victories and accomplishments.

Winner of the state grant of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan "The best teacher of Higher Education».

Awarded the badge of the MES RK "For merits in the development of science of the Republic of Kazakhstan"

Awarded by the "Thanks"of the MES RK.

Awarded theDiploma of Kazakhstan National Academy of Natural Sciences.


Advanced training and scientific internships     

2018. Advanced training courses for teaching staff of higher educational institutions engaged in the training of teachers. TsPM Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools, Astana. Certificate.

2016. Participation in the open seminar "Kazakh Universities in the QS World University Rankings", Almaty, 2016. Certificate.

2016. Courses improve the English language in the framework of the state task in the specialty Physics..KazNU them. Al-Farabi, Almaty. Certificate.

2015. Internship program "Learning and Teaching in Higher Education" at the University of Newcastle, England. Certificate.

2015. Internship at the Academy CONCORD, Paris and at the University of Nice, France.Certificate.

2014.г. Seminar in Professional Development International leadership in Education, E2 Educational Services, Seattle, WA,USA.  Certificate.

2011-12. One-year internship program "Bolashak" in the "Imperial college", London, England.


Language proficiency

Kazakh, Russian, English



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