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Absatova Marfuga Absatovna


1. Date of birth: 25.05.1974
2. Education:
1991-1995 Pedagogical University in Kyzylorda( Honors Degree)
Qualification: "Teacher of Russian language and
literature in Kazakh school"
1997-2000 Kazakh Institute of Law and International Relations
Qualification: Lawyer
3. Degree: Doctor of Education, Professor, Corresponding member of RANS, The best teacher of the University in 2012.
4. Working experience:
1995-1997 Teacher of the Pedagogy Department
1998-2001 Doctoral degree Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University (AKNPU, full-time education)
2001-2004 Teacher of Russian language and literature in gymnasium school №147 in Almaty
2004-2007 Associate Professor, "Daryn" Institute of Social and Humanities in Almaty.
2007-2009 Senior teacher of the pedagogy department in AKNPU
2008-2009 Chairman of the SGC (State Grading Commission) in the Semipalatinsk State Pedagogical Institute
2009-2012 deputy of the science of psycho-pedagogical specialties in AKNPU
1.03.2013-31.12.2013 Deputy of the Chief of the Rectorate in AKNPU
From 2014 Professor of the pedagogy department in AKMPU
2010 Scientific Secretary of the Academic Council of the IPD PhD in AKNPU
2011, 2012 Scientific Secretary of the Dissertation Committee, 6D01000-Education
2012, 2013, 2014 Chairman of SGC in Almaty Technological University, 2014 IKTU (International Kazakh-Turkish University),2016 Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda State University
2011, 2012, 2013,2016,2017 Member of the expert panel of the National Center for State scientific and technical expertise
2012 Member of the working group at the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan to developing Integrated education program to train youth for 2013-2020 and Action Plan to developing Integrated Program to train youth for 2013-2020.
2010 designer of State Compulsory Educational Standard of Masters, Doctorate PhD by specialty of "Pedagogy and psychology".
- Designer of 2 fundamental projects of Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Theory and methodology of ethno pedagogic of Kazakh people as a basis of strengthening for international consent and stability in modern socio-cultural terms" (2009-2011); - "Theoretical and methodological bases of professional development of the academic staff at the stage of post-graduate education" (2012-2014), - Designer of 3 application projects "Forming of the innovative content of postgraduate education based on developing training aids of new generation" (2010); - Teacher of application projects "In the case of a multinational state to educate the young people on the basis of the national idea of Kazakhstan by pedagogical conditions" (2010); Theoretical and methodological foundations of developing of leadership qualities in students. "(2013).
5. Certificates: more than 16 certificates of career enhancement (International: Germany, Czech Republic, Lithuania, and Russia);"Human Recourse Department"; "Using virtual technology "The motivator" in the field of assessment and training the leaders "Dusseldorf, Germany,"; "The psychology of creativity" State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Training in Moscow State Pedagogical University; "Interactive methods of training" and etc.
6. Languages: Kazakh, Russian-fluent, English-intermediate
7. Status: Married, 3 sons
8. Work experience: Scientific-pedagogical (during 23 year)
9. Science school: 40 prepared Magister of pedagogical science, 4 PhD doctor (Dr. PhD).
10. Published scholarly works: Total of 300 scientific papers published over the last 5 years. Among them: 25 in journals recommended KKSON MES, 19 in the materials of international conferences, 5 scientific publications in foreign countries, 12 in international scientific journals of database (ISI web of Knowledge, Thomson Reuters, Scopus): Thomson Reuters non-zero impact factor - (SJR: 0,187), in the framework journals of Skopus- (SJR: 0,878). 7 monographs, 8 teaching aids, 10 manuals,94 in the materials of international and republican scientific-practical conference e 20 in other Kazakhstan magazines.
11. The presence of patents: 8 (2013-2017).

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