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Kabatay Bidana Tursynhankyzy


The full name

Kabatai Bidana

Date of birth



In 1988 she graduated from Almaty State University named after Abai on the specialty "Pedagogy and Methodology of Primary Education", "The Russian Language and Literature at National Schools"; in 2009 she accomplished with honor Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai on specialty "The Kazakh Language and Literature".

Scientific degree and title

Candidate of  Pedagogical sciences, associate professor

Work places and positions after graduation

Since 1988 she has begun her work as a young specialist at Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University, an associate professor of the Departments: Theory and methodology of elementary education, Teaching of philological specialties at the Institute of Magistracy and Doctoral Studies (PhD),  Kazakh literature Department, as well as the vice-dean on training and educational  work.


She is the author of 15 textbooks, 18 manuals, 5 electronic textbooks written for general-education school, 5 manuals for Higher Education Institutions and about 150 scientific articles (including 1 SCOPUS)  which have been published in far and near abroad.She has participated in the preparation of the programs on the discipline  "Literary study" for 1-4 th grades of 11 and 12 years education schools, in the preparation of the typical programs on the disciplines: "Children`s literature" for specialty 05010200 -"Pedagogy and methodology of elementary education", "Modern technologies of teaching the Kazakh language /literature in a High School" for preparation of scientist-doctors on specialty 6D011700 - "The Kazakh language and literature", "Basics of teaching methodology of the Kazakh language/ literature" for specialty 6D012100 -"The Kazakh language and literature at schools with non-Kazakh language instruction".

Main scientific works:

1. A lesson as a co-creative work of teacher and pupil. В книге: Proceedings of international Cooperation: lifelongeducation: Continuous education for sustainable development. Vol.7: pp.380-381. St. Petersburg, 2011.

2. Matindi psiholingvistikalyq aspektide zertteu. Scientificarticle.  Journal «Іzdenis», №4(1), 2012, P.176-180.

3. Psihologiya gylymyndagy assosiativti ustanym jane ony matin tusinude qoldanu. Scientificarticle. Journal "Ult tagylymy", №4, 2011, P. 148-152.

4. Til men tany psihologiyasynyng qagidalary. Scientific article. Journal "Qazaqstan jogary mektebi", №4, 2013, P.11-16.

5. "Ana tili" mazmunэndagэ matinderdi konsept turgysynan tanu. Scientific article. Bulletin of the InternationalKazakh-TurkishUniversity named after A.Yassawi. № 1 (74) January-February, 2014. P. 89- 93.International Journal.

6. Integrative Competence Approach in Teaching Foreign Languages.  (SCOPUS): Astra Salvensis - review of history and culture, VI year, Supplement No. 1, 2018.Australia.

7. Textbook "Adebiettik oqu" for the2nd grade. Almaty, Atamura, 2017.

8. Electronic teaching aid "Adebiettik oqu" for the 2nd grade. Almaty, Atamura, 2017.

9. Textbook "Adebiettik oqu" for the 3rd grade. Almaty, Atamura, 2018.

10.An audio tape "Adebiettik oqu" for the 3rd grade pupils. Almaty, Atamura, 2018.


Since 1998 she has been known as the author of the textbook;

She was awarded by Ministry of Education and Sciencewith diplomas (2016, 2017).

Work experience at the Department

Since 2012 associate professor of the Department of Kazakh Literature named after S.Kirabaev.

Contact numbers

Phone: +7-7014444753


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