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Institute of History and Law
 Zhumagulov Bolat Sagidollayevich
Director of the Institute of History and Law
Candidate of Historical sciences, Professor
Zhambyl str.25

 Muratkazin Mukhtar

Candidate of Historical Sciences
Zhambyl str.25

 Asymova Dariya Bolatovna
Senior Lecturer
PhD doctor
Zhambyl str.25


Institute of History and Law of Abai Kazakh National University provides training of specialists with high qualifications. Basis of the Institute comprise the faculty of "History and Geography", formed in 1934 and the faculty of "International Relations and Law", formed on 22 November 1992. One of the first deans of the historical-geographical faculty was Professor S.Zh. Asfendiyarov , who 1928-1931 years was rector of KazSU (KazSPI).. Faculty of "International relations and law" led by academician of NAS RK, professor G.S .Sapargaliyev and Mazhilis deputy, doctor of political sciences K.N. Burkhanov.
Currently, the Institute of History and Law has 6 chairs, which provides training of highly qualified personnel for the bachelor, master and doctoral (PhD) in accordance with the state compulsory education standards, the model curricula and other normative documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
In our institute we have developed a strong tradition to focus on maintaining high standards of education and research, maintaining an adequate level of teaching and professional ethics. Quality education ensures a highly qualified teaching staff.
Structure of the Institute consists of the Directorate and 5 chairs.
Director of the Institute of History and Law - candidate of historical sciences , professor Zhumagulov Bolat Sagidollaevich;
Deputy Director for Academic Affairs - candidate of historical sciences, Associate Professor Gulnara Kazhahmetovna Balakhmetova;
Deputy Director for Research and International Relations - PhD Makhmutov Beken Lesbekovich;
Deputy director for educational work - Master of Law Bitursyn Galymzhan Shamshidinovich.
1. History of Kazakhstan Academician named after T.S. Sadykov - Head of the chair , corresponding member NAS RK, Doctor of historical sciences, professor Koygeldiev Mambet Kulzhabayevich;
2. World History - Head of the Chair , Doctor of Historical Sciences, Ass. Professor Makhaeva Aitkul Shaiymkulovna;
3. Methods of teaching history and social sciences - Head of the Department, PhD, professor Nurmanbetқyzy Zhumahan;
4. Criminal Law Disciplines - Head of the Chair, Doctor of Law, Professor Toleubekova Bakhytzhan Khasenovna;
5. State and civil legal disciplines - Head of the Chair , candidate of law sciences, associate professor Tileubergenov Erazak Manapovich.

• 5B011400 - History ( pedagogic)
• 5B020300 - History (scientific)
• 5B011500 - Basics of Law and Economics
• 5B030100 - Jurisprudence
• 5B050500 - Area study ( with the study of Arabic, Chinese, Persian and Japanese languages ).
Subject of choice on the specialty :
(World History)

• 6M011400 - History (pedagogic)
• 6M020300 - History (scientific)
• 6M011500 - Basics of Law and Economics
• 6M030100 - Jurisprudence
• 6M050500 - Area study
• 6M020400 - Culturology
• 6M020600 - Religious Studies
• 6M050100 - Sociology
• 6M050200 - Politology
• 6M020100 - Philosophy
• 6D011400 - History (pedagogic)
• 6D020300 - History (scientific)
• 6D050100 - Sociology
• 6D050200 - Politology
• 6D020100 - Philosophy
Our graduates receive a state diploma. They work in the administrative apparatus of ministries and departments, law enforcement agencies, national companies, research institutions, higher and secondary education. Modern material and technical base of the institute provides a complete training of future specialists.
Students wishing to continue their education, showed a tendency to research work, have the opportunity to study at the university graduate. The University provides military training of students of 2-3 courses. The Institute has created all conditions for study. Institute students live an interesting and active lives, participate in student government, youth clubs, sports clubs, amateur. The Institute is fully provided with modern office equipment: interactive whiteboard, multimedia projector, a computer room and a language lab. Needy students after enrollment is provided in the dormitory .