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Public activities

Presentation about activities of students with student government 

In institue fruitfully Public Affairs Directorate of the student government , which includes the student activists , many of which are members of the board of teachers and the board of the institute. Regularly at the Institute organized a meeting with students of science and culture , representatives of various faiths , veterans of war and labor, medical staff and law enforcement.College students and graduate students take an active part in the social life of the staff involved in the conduct of traditional festivals and competitions. Prepared in advance to the dedication to the students , Day of Knowledge Day of open doors , etc.


The union of students


  • Protects the interests of the students in matters of scholarship support;
  • Monitors compliance with socio -economic rights and interests of the students;
  • Represents the interests of students in the field of education and employment , social and domestic needs, the provision of benefits and compensation;
  • Offers discounts on tickets for cultural events in the city ( going to the cinema , entertainment, and much more);
  • Inform students about activities and events at the university;
  • Monitors the correct execution schedule of the educational process ( the number of examinations , rest in between, vacation , etc.);
  • Together with the university administration makes decisions about the universe and eviction from the dormitory students participating in the evaluation committees;
  • Expresses and protects the rights and interests of the students in the legislative, executive and judicial bodies ;
  • Provides practical and methodological assistance to trade-union groups;
  • Creates a social security fund , has a financial assistance to students ( orphans , the disabled, Chernobyl , family students , low-income , just in need of the moment) , legal, psychological ;
  • Prepares documents for the payment of bonuses and allowances for scholarships to students who distinguished themselves in the social, scientific and sporting life of the university;Gives gifts for the new year to students who have children , a petition to the City to provide places for children in the kindergarten students of the university;
  • Assists in the conduct and organization of cultural events , scientific and practical conferences, competitions and so on.
  • Calendar of Events Clubs and student organizations.

The institute is working two clubs , " Kurmyzy Kyzdar - ah ! " The head of which is the Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences., professor Zhanabayeva R.A. and " PedHim " the head of which is a senior lecturer Manapov N.T.